del mar date night.

Hi loves!
So on our last night in San Diego we decided to head north and hangout in Del Mar for the evening!
I'm from Cardiff-By-The-Sea, so I always get so excited when we have a chance to visit the area.
It's just so pretty!
Our first stop was Powerhouse Park to let Liam play on the swings!

This park is probably the prettiest one like, ever.
It overlooks the gorgeous ocean!
Liam isn't old enough to appreciate it yet;)
We hung out on the playground and soaked up as much beautiful weather as we could!
Our next stop:

We tried Smash Burger for the first time and it was really good!
I got the chicken burger- and I'm wayyyy more a turkey burger gal, but was totally pleased with it!
And I got a side of sweet potato fries- LOVE!
Haha I feel like every post has something about food lol and something about how amazing it was.
We ate a lot this trip okay?!
Calories don't count on vacations.

These two ^^ have my whole heart!!
After dinner we walked around because Del Mar is the cutest place in the entire world and just kept saying, "wow this place is so nice!"

Liam wasn't too sure about the swings this go around.
The first time he was all smiles, but that night we didn't get anything!
Just chilling in his swing.
PS look at those curls.
The humidity made his hair soooo curly and I kinda absolutely loved it!

Our little monster is getting his first tooth right now which means he chews on EVERYTHING!
Including my hair and face.
Literally he will try and just bite my chin to help ease his poor gums.
Makes me so sad!
So I got some help from my sweet friends over at Babybeesandpeonies and started using teething necklaces.

They're all super cute, and they have a bunch of different colors and styles if you're in the market for some teething necklaces!
Totally check em out- super cute shop!

Ah what I'd do to be back on the beach without chores, to-do lists or yah know real life to get to!
Super grateful for our time we got to spend together, 
and super super grateful we were able to tag along with Zak while he was doing an away rotation.

Have a lovely rest of your days!


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