photo dump.

How's it hanging?!
We're finally back home from more travels and getting settled in so I thought I'd do a little photo dump tonight.
I'm going to be announcing some fun stuff soon, along with another post sharing more about what I've been up to since these are mostly all about the fam..
and lets be real, Liam.
Soo watch out for those puppies!
We finally made it home after being in San Diego for a month for Zak's pediatric rotation at the Naval hospital in Balboa Park!
Woot woot.
And don't get me wrong, San Diego is amazing and we loved staying with family, but it's nice being back in our home just in time for fall.
I snapped this little pic at a pit stop on our way home.
His little hand melts my heart.

It took us a couple days to kinda adjust to being home again and get back into the swing of things.
I'm such a creature of habit and really thrive on routine-
so we started our first day back with brunch and some planning to get back on track.
Because after being gone a month you come home to a house full of to-dos.
Let me tell you.

The weekend we got home was also Zak's 26th birthday!
We kinda sorta celebrated in San Diego-
but had to have a little something something on the actual day!
So Liam and I baked a not-so-bad cake-
I impressed myself!
And we ordered Oreganos to-go and played Catan.
Best. Game. Ever.

This kid and his smiles.
Love it so much.

Bath time is daddy and Liam time, but I snapped this cute little pic of him the other day.
His curls are the cutest.
And Zak's the only one that came tame that hair.
They'll sit in the bath together and Liam will let him comb it out for like 20 minutes!
It's kinda the sweetest.

Look that fresh handsome babe!

He isn't crawling yet..
but he's scooting!
So we had to get some mats to cover our lovely tiled floors.
Sense the sarcasm in that.
I hate those tiles...

This might be one of my favorite photos.
This baby stage is just the best.

When we got back from Cali, we've been making it a point to cook each night and sit down at the dinner table.
Zak hadn't been home in two months {crazy huh?!} so simple things like eating together seemed so foreign, but we're getting back in the swing of things and I love it.
This was from Taco Tuesday!
After dinner we headed down to the pool for a bit to celebrate our little fiesta even more.
Fun fact: when Zak and I were dating we came up with a list of "family dinner ideas" that we'd want to do with our kids one day, and this was on the list.
We're really living our dreams.

Dirty faced babes are the best.

Click below to read more!

So there comes a point in parenting {or maybe it's just us?!} when like your baby is bored of his toys..
and you don't have time {or money?!} at the moment to go spend a bunch on brand spanking new toys..
so you look around the house and come up with the best new toys!
Liam loves his popcorn bowl, measuring cups and spatula!

Romie has been the best with Liam.
So patient and tolerant.
Liam now likes to pet {aka grab} him every chance he gets and Romie doesn't mind one bit.
He even shares his cuddle and nap times with Liam too.
Melts my heart.

Zak snapped these the other day-
First of all Liam looks so big to me!
And second, I want to freeze time.
He's growing up to fast.
I always have to remind myself, no matter how old he is- he'll always be my baby!

You guys.
This. Photo.
Can you say related?!
I mean, look at those arm placements.
Twins I tell yah.

Romie joined in the nap session.
Love my boys.

We also got to have dinner with Grandpa the other night!
He spoiled us with Mexican food, and Liam had the best time hanging out with him!

Passed out in his bouncer-
best money we've spent!
It's his favorite toy and wipes him out.
PS I never leave him sleeping in it- as soon as he's asleep I move him:)

This photo cracks me up!
Look at the sass.
Sibling rivalry as its best.

His eyes and hair.
We're kinda obsessed with our beautiful baby boy!

And this is the excitement he gets when he's in his high chair-
this kid loves food!
Just like mama and daddy!

That was a lotta random sweet photos I've collected over the last few weeks on my phone.
Because remember my camera situation.........!!!!
Anywho, check back soon cuz I'll have more updates about what I've been working on lately, along with some fun giveaways!

Have a kick butt week!


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