turning 26.

Hey everyone!
I'm 26!!
Can you believe it!?
Because I sure can't.
I'm closer to 30 than 20-
Even though it's kinda crazy, I'm really trying not to dwell on being older and more embrace this new chapter of our lives.
This past year has been the best time and I want to continue living out my twenties reaching goals, chasing dreams, building our little family and living life to the fullest!
This season of life is so magical and sweet.
It makes me heart the happiest.
And if it's any indicator on what's to come, I can't freaking wait.
Anywho, back to my birthdayyyyy!!
We started the morning off with breakfast and coffee with an ocean view!

PS I've been so obsessed with oatmeal and rye toast for like 3 months!
I don't know why, but I love it so much lol.
Just thought I'd let yah know.
After snuggles on the patio we got ready and decided to go walk and check out the little shops downtown.

If you know me well, you know I love antiquing and looking at home decor.
Two passions of mine!
And OB has lots of gems that we got to check out.

Another love of mine is acai bowls and house hunting.
And we combined the two and it was perfect.
PS this bowl was one of the best I've ever had-
the amount of fruit on this puppy was unreal.

After a few shops we walked back to our beach bungalow-
but not before strolling through the neighborhood checking out all the little homes.
Anyone else love looking at homes?!
I get so much inspiration from it!
And Zak is so patient, I can't tell you how many times he's taking me walking or driving through neighborhoods to look at dreamy houses.

We got back home and decided to make lunch and hangout by the water.
The weather was perfect and we wanted to spend all our time outside soaking it up!

Haha then we decided to cook..
and Zak was so sweet and baked me a birthday cake!!
Like, he's the sweetest.
And a really good baker might I add!
But then I went and tried to transfer it to a cute little dish and ruined the whole thing.
Way to go Sid.
We still ate it though.
I mean, you can't waste chocolate cake.

These two!
Make me the happiest.

Liam loved watching the waves, and would get transfixed looking at the ocean.
Seeing the world through his eyes is unreal.

My pretty mama!
Thank you for spoiling us!!
Toward the end of the afternoon my mom took Liam so Zak and I got a little sunset date.

We hadn't been on a solo date in like TWO months!!
To be fair, Zak has been gone for two months, but still.
It was soooooooo nice getting some one on one time with my best friend. 

We adventured down to the coves and walked along with water while the waves crashed!
It was very romantic until we learned that the cliffs are also a perfect spot for teeny boppers to hangout-
sooo we headed back up to our beach house and made a little picnic instead lol.

Flowers are my love language!!
Gimme all the pink ones please!!

The sunset was kinda unreal.

We hung out and talked and watched the sunset and it was perfect.
This guy makes all my dreams come true and I'm the luckiest to have him by my side!

After a few hours we went back inside and got Liam and my mom so we could all watch the sunset one last time.
Look at his little smile!
Kills me.

He also wasn't too sure about the rose pedals.
One day though, his dad will teach him that rose pedals and being romantic and a gentleman are the way to his loves heart!
Too soon?!

I still can't believe this goofy, chubby, happy, smiley, funny, lovey baby is ours!!!!!!!!!

And this pic is def going in a frame.
One of my favorites!!
Babies in diapies are the best. 

Thank you again mom and Zak and Liam for spoiling me!!
It was literally the best birthday I've ever ever had.
I'll always cherish these memories!
Can't wait to see what else 26 holds!!!
PS check out the next post 
for more pics from that weekend!
Ah so good it needed two posts. 
Yep, that's right!


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