not so happy monday.

Hi everyone!
Sorry to have such an emo blog title, but...
guess what?!
Our DSLR camera was stolen!!!!!!
Yeah, so I think it's okay to be a little emo today.
However, these pretty flower photos are helping me not feel as bad.
Long story short, someone in San Diego has a very nice camera with, 
and this part hurts the most,
all of our videos and photos from our month long stay in California.
Liam's first time to the zoo and all. 
Like just give us the memory card back and everything will be right again!!!
I don't even care about the camera at this point.
Okay that's all I'm going to say or else I'll feel sick to my stomach thinking about all the images lost.

We're back home from Cali and getting back to our routines!
Which I love love love.
I'm such a creature of habit and consistency is key in my life.
It was such a treat being gone for so long, but now that fall's here we're glad to be back in our comfy cozy home!
I have lots to catch up guys up on, sooo look out for like 12387120948149084-5777632891309 posts!

I hope your Monday morning is going well so far!
Now that tests are kinda done-zo Zak has an amazing schedule!
He's able to be home a lot and it makes me so excited just thinking about all the time we'll get to spend with him.
Especially since the holidays are right around the corner and it's all of Liam's "firsts!"

So! I just wanted to check in real quick!
Let you know about my emo news.
Ugh I was even making a super fun Cali video too!
Okay, no more thinking about that.
Stupid thief. 
Karma's a real you know what whoever you are!
Okay I'm really done now.
And now that our three months of travel is winding down I'll have lots to share with yah!

Thanks for letting me be a little Debbie downer for a sec, you're the best.

Have a kick butt Monday!


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