august life.

You guys.
It's almost October.
What in the world.
I'm actually thrilled it's fall, minus the fact that that means my baby's not so little anymore:(
But it means we can finally adventure and play outside with him!
Because yah know the lovely 115 degree AZ summers make it kinda impossible to run around outside.
Last month I got to spend some time with some ladies I love!
We met for Acai bowls {pictured above} and got to catch up on life.
It was good for my soul!

A couple days later I got to have a little date night with my bff Cha.
I don't think anyone can make me laugh more than her!
My number one since jr. high.
She's really the best, and we really always have the best time hanging together.

Liam obvi thought we weren't exciting enough and slept through dinner lol.
Speaking of dinner, look at that dish!
Gimme gimme.

Okay, I just love this pic of Liam so dang much.
He's literally thrilled to be sitting up!
He finds so much happiness in the tiniest things-
which has reminded me to always love the little details in life.

My dad also got to spend a couple days with us while he was in AZ for work.
We LOVE when pop comes to stay with us!
He always always picks up Chinese take-out and we have a blast together.

Liam especially loves it because he has someone to really rough house with!
I swear this kid already has so much energy!
Or maybe that's just little boys?!
I don't know.
I can't imagine how he'll be once he's mobile..!!!

Bed time routines every. single. night.
We eat dinner, do bath time, get into our jammies, read a little book, say a prayer and then snuggle up and go night night!
Nursing him to sleep is one of my favorite things!
It makes me slow down and relax without life getting in the way.
And I need that each night, I think more than he does!

My boys!!
This just melts my mama heart more than you'll ever know.
I think I'll frame this pic.

The other day Liam was sitting up in his crib and reached the side and tried to pull up!
Like what?!
Hahaha sooo lowering his crib is now on our to-do list.
Along with baby proofing!
When did he get so big?!

Okay these pics I might frame too.
Dying over his smirk, and finger and position and chubbiness.

He's one good eater too!
Chows down on whatever fruit or veggies you got!
Minus peas.
He hates peas.

We also had our 6-month check up along with 6-month shots.
Poor babe is such a champ!
And according to his doctor he's "thriving" lol in the weight and height department!
99 percentiles for both!
Big boy, that's for sure.

I put pookie bear in Liam's crib the other day!
Liam thought it was hilarious-
Romie did not. 

I love this little guy so much it hurts.
Thanks William Dean for making your mama and dada the luckiest parents!



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    1. Right?! So many to pick from. I'm just a tad bit obsessed with that chubby babe if you couldn't tell hahah!!

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