a day on coronado island.

Hi sweets!
Hope you're have a lovely Friday-
any exciting plans for the weekend?!
Ours involve Halloween decorating, pumpkin bread baking and fall bucket-list making!
You know we obsess over the holidays.. and fall is finally here!
Woot woot!
Anywho, I just wanted to share our day trip we took to Coronado Island last week.
It's one of our favorite places to visit while in San Diego-
we always try to make it out there whenever we can.
Other than the famous Hotel Del, the houses are my favorite part!
So. Dreamy.
Like this one above!
The little white picked fence and black and white awning give me heart eyes!
But in true Hambsch fashion, our first stop was to grab some grub.

We went to Burger Lounge, and my goodness!
It. Was. Delicious.
My turkey burger was unreal.
What I would give to have it right now.

These days eating out involves a game of hot potato with Liam while the other stuffs their face!
He's in that, I want to grab anything and everything, but he's too little for a high chair so we both take turns holding him and distracting him from snagging a fry!

Afterwards our plan was to head to the Del and then hangout on the beach all afternoon-
Of course the one day Zak has off, it was pouring!
So the beach was scratched off our fun list.
But dangit I wasn't going to let the rain ruin house hunting!
We bought an umbrella and braced what we thought might clear up and took a stroll through the neighborhood.
Hence quick.
The light rain turned heavy, so we darted for dessert aka Sidney has to eat something sweet after every meal and we hung out in the car, in hopes that the rain would go away!

Spoiler alert: it didn't go away!
However, even though the rain rained on our parade, we made the most of it and had a blast in the car, driving around looking at all the houses.
So. Pretty.
And we gave Liam his first bite of vanilla froyo.
He obvi loved it.
I think he has my sweet tooth!
We ended the day back at home, snuggled up watching a movie and listening to the rain.
It was pretty perfect.

I also wanted to talk about the top and these sunnies I wore on our little adventure!
I'm obsessed with the top-
 not only because it's my fav blush color, but because it's super nursing friendly and the perfect flowy blouse to wear beachside.
My sweet friend Brooke just opened this new online boutique and you totally gotta check it out!
Her clothing and accessories are darling!
You know I don't share items on here I don't whole heartedly adore!

And good news!
 Right now you can even get 20% off using the discount code-
"Newlywed Diaries"
I totally re-wore the top again on another little outing of ours, and I'll probably re-wear it yet again this weekend.
You heard me right.

Thanks Maudern The Label for making this mama feel purdy!
And thanks to my hubs for spoiling me with lots of beach dates-
they were the best!

Hope you enjoy some shopping loves!


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