visiting salt lake city.

So a few weeks ago Liam and I took off on his first flight ever {!!!!!} and went to good ole Utah to visit his my dad, AKA his pop!
It was SO nice getting outta the heat.
For a while there I felt like we were hibernating...
and going a little stir crazy in our tiny apartment.
My dad and his fiancé Shelly live in Salt Lake City so we spent a whole week adventuring around all over the place!

Our first stop was Temple Square.
We had lunch The Garden Room-
it's way up top in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building-
it was darling!
And had the best view of the Temple.

Our view!!

After lunch we walked around the visiting center and learned all about the Temple-
so much history, it's incredible.
Liam was such a trooper.
He slept all through lunch and was content in my dad's arms while we walked around.
Such a sweet babe!
I had heard about a little bakery nearby so we stopped for a treat-
because when you're on vacation calories don't count remember!
if you're in Salt Lake you should totally try Eva's Bakery- really good!
And obvi super cute.
And you know, I love that color blue so this place was just calling my name.
Liam's too.
He's thrilled to be there if you couldn't tell by the look on his face haha!

The design in this place was just as good as their desserts.

I mean, cute right?!^
We ventured up to Park City and strolled all around Main Street. 
It was pretty warm so we just hopped in and outta shops taking our time checking things out.
We had a nice little lunch and then had to grab some ice cream afterwards.
I had been to Park City in the winter and it was gorgeous then- and it's just {if not prettier} in the summer!
Everything's so lush and quaint and clean.
Who doesn't love it up there?!

We also drove up a little further to Deer Valley- again stunning views!
My little pic doesn't do it justice.

^^ Milk coma.
Like I said, he's such a trooper.
And such a good baby.
He loves being in the Ergo Carrier {a total must-have!} 
He just checks everything out and it SO content!
And eventually he falls asleep, as you can see above.

I saw this historic blue building while we were walking around and thought it was so cute-
but then I saw these sconces and wished I could take it all home with me.
Love love love.
Thanks for being so good to us Park City!

We had a blast adventuring around!
It was really fun to get to spend so much time with my dad and seeing his new home state!
As much sightseeing as we did, we also spent lots of time lounging at home and in the backyard-
soaking up as much cool weather as we could!
My dad and Shelly also grilled a bunch and we got to have a big BBQ with all of her family, which was a blast!

We went to Provo for a day too!
We got to see BYU, eat at a local pizza joint and had to try out Swig.
I. love. cookies.
I've heard so many great things about this place so I was pumped.
And it didn't disappoint!
I got some type of Diet Coke concoction partnered with a classic sugar cookie and man oh man was it good!
I could've eaten a dozen.
Thanks pop for documenting my experience!

Each night we'd kinda wind down and Liam and my dad would get to play a bunch before bed.
My dad and I are super super close, so I want to make sure him and Liam have the same relationship too and get to spend as much time together as possible-
especially now that we're in different states!
So this trip was perfect for just that.
Lots of quality Liam and pop time!

We also checked out the Homestead Crater in Midway Utah, which was really neat!
It's a huge crater that's like 60 feet deep that people swim and dive in.
I've heard a lot about it so we decided to take a little dip to see how it was.

The water was actually super warm- and it's crazy because it looks like you're swimming in a huge cave, yet you're in Utah lol.
It was quite the adventure and I'm glad my dad and I took a swim!

Afterwards we stopped for a little pizza- the town was so cute!

On our way back my dad pulled over so we could feel how cold the mountain water was-
it was freezing!
And people were swimming in it.

We also stopped at this big red barn to grab some fresh produce-
we got a bad of cherries and I'm pretty sure I ate all of them on my own.

There's a little farm next to their house so we had to go check out the animals-
you know us, we love our animals!

We took lots of scenic drives through the canyons and along the rivers and lake-
Utah you're really pretty!

And for not being a big fan of his carseat, Liam did pretty good during the drives!
He loves his hands to be tickled while he falls asleep {it's kinda the cutest thing ever} so I had to snap this pic when he wouldn't let go.
He melts my heart!

We also took a fun little walk in the Daybreak neighborhood- which by the way is the cutest neighborhood EVER.
Liam got to see ducks for the first time!
We even spotted a bunch of babies- too stinkin cute I tell yah.

It was really sweet-
whenever I needed to get ready, workout, or etc my dad would swoop up Liam and we would always find them outside on the porch playing in the grass or watching the humming birds.
It's so awesome to see their relationship grow now that Liam's a little bigger and actually remembers things.
This time together was priceless!

Each morning my dad would come down to see if Liam was awake and couldn't wait to see him!
He sure lucked out with an awesome poppa. 

I can't thank my dad and Shelly enough for hosting us!
You guys were such great tour guides and spoiled us rotten.
And thank you for helping me so much with Liam too-
he loved being with you both.

Goodbyes are always the worst- 
but somehow even being in different states we've managed too see each other quite often {just like two weeks ago actually} so as cheesey as it sounds, it's not a goodbye, just a see yah later!
We love you pop!


  1. Awh yay! I'm glad you guys had such a good time!

    1. We do did! It's gorgeous! We go back next weekend and I CANNOT wait to see it during fall!!