virginia's for lovers.

Liam and I are back from our week long stay in Virginia!
We could have stayed for many more.
Zak's visiting a couple hospitals out there for residency so we tagged along for a bit of the ride.
First and foremost I'd like to say that the East Coast gets hot.
Not as hot as AZ obvi, but lets just say humid heat is a doozy.
And not too fun.
BUTT we made the most of our time.
Here's a little travel diary from our trip!

Liam and I flew out- he's such a good baby you guys!
Not one peep on the plane.
Just played and napped, played and napped.
And I was worried the flight might mess up his bedtime routine, but thank the heavens he wasn't fazed.

Our first stop was to a military beach on Friday night.
This was our first time ever being on a base beach, and let me tell you-
it's SO nice.
Quiet, clean and pretty.
Totally our scene. 

Liam and I napped and nursed all afternoon.
It was really sweet and super relaxing after a night of traveling. 

Zak took Liam out to the water, he's now been in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans!
It took Zak and I 25 years to cross that off our bucket lists.
Seeing these two reunite was so cute!
Liam totally recognized Zak as soon as we got close in the airport and was all excited to see him.
Their bond is unmatchable. 

We had quite the fun time {hence the sarcasm} keeping Liam's little grabby hands away from the sand-
this boy would snatch that sand and bring it up to his mouth so quick!
Hahaha we were a mess.
Thank goodness for outdoor showers to rinse off at before piling into the car.
Anywho, this was by far our favorite beach.
If we end up in VA, I could totally see this being a favorite spot of ours.

The following day we headed out to see historical Williamsburg-
it's one of the first colonies and such a charming little town.
Seriously, the whole time I kept saying, "this is the cutest place ever!"
If you're in Virginia, you gotta check it out.
All of the architecture looks like it was made back in the day-
complete with cobble stone roads, brick buildings, old churches, farms, picket fences and even people wearing traditional clothing too!
It was darling you guys!!
The bad news though, it that it was SO HOT outside.
We kept ducking inside shops because the humidity was horrible.
I couldn't even use our nice camera to take pics because the lens kept fogging up!
So sadly, I don't have many photos.
But, I promise you-
this place is adorable.

We spent the whole day just walking around checking everything out.
Just as the sun started to set, and it was cooling down Liam fell asleep so Zak and I were able to just linger around and have a mini date you could call it;)
We even got to have a little dinner before he woke up!
Gotta love parenthood.
The waitress was so sweet though and put us in our room for supper, so we kinda felt fancy!

Afterwards we headed for dessert, obviously.
And ordered way too much ice cream.
It was a really really good day.
Williamsburg was about an hour away, and Liam slept both there and back so Zak and I got to just catch up and talk the whole time.
The drives were kinda my favorite part of this trip.
Not that I don't love adventuring with Liam, but having that alone time to just chit chat with my best friend was so good for my soul.

On Sunday we kinda laid low all day, since it was so hot-
but then went down to the Virginia Beach boardwalk for dinner.
This is kid is too funny!
He squeals and laughs and giggles so much now-
it's seriously the best sound in the world!
I'm so glad Zak got to have some down time with him in the middle of all of this residency business-
it was well needed for the both of them!

Yay for super grainy iPhone pics-
this was the best group shot we got, and I love it.
These two guys {and Romie} make my world go round.

This trip I told Zak, "I wanna have some really good seafood!" since yah know, we were on the East Coast and all-
so we found a little place with a sweet view of the ocean as the sun was setting.
Zak got fish and steak tacos and I opted for a grilled fish burger-
super good!

Liam loves to be outside, so we walked around the boardwalk for a bit until it got dark.
It's so fun to see him see things for the first time!
Such a cool experience.
Traveling with him was one of the best decisions we've made-
he just loves to check things out and he's so aware of his surroundings.

We love you so much Liam!

The last couple days were a bit of a whirlwind!
We ended up going to D.C. so Zak could interview for another program, and Liam and I obviously tagged along for the ride!
We originally planned to take the Metro downtown, however there was a heat advisory out so we opted for a relaxed day in the hotel and explored the base a bit.
We got in super late-
and the only thing that was open was sushi lol so we had a little room service party that night and caught the end of the Olympics.
Little moments like that I wanna remember forever!
So simple, so sweet.
Just good ole family time.

I think I'm getting pretty good hotel days with Liam-
and figuring out what to do when we only have a bed and the ground to play on lol.
He's such a good traveler though, and so content with whatever.
As long as he can nurse, he's good to go!
Haha so many people stopped me this trip and would be like,
"wow your baby is so healthy!" and "is he eight or nine months old?" {he just turned six months lol} and then I loved the "how much does he weigh?!" 
HAHA he loves to eat okay?!
He's chubby and we love it.

You should follow me on Snap Chat {Sidney Hambsch} to see more of Liam and I's adventures.
Or just selfies.
Cuz lets be real, we all just do it for the filters.

We weren't sure what time Zak's interview would be over, so I didn't have any expectations of seeing any of the monuments or anything in D.C., but then I got a call from him late in the afternoon and he was like, "wanna head down there?!" And I obvi said "of course!"
We quickly packed up our stuff and made the drive down to the city.
Liam and I had a super early flight the next morning, and we were about 3 hours away from where we were staying in VA, so we couldn't visit for too long-
but we did get to see the White House!
Woot woot. 

It's that tiny little spec way back there!
Hahaha does this even count?!

We drove around, in awe of everything!
It's so pretty!
And there's so much to see.
I'm really glad we drove down {even during rush hour}, because who knows the next time we'll be there!
Sometimes spontaneity is the best.

We picked up some classy Chick Fila for dinner and drove back to Virginia that night.
Liam slept the whole way, so Zak and I got to visit all about his day and all the things that lie ahead of us.
So many changes coming our way, and it's so exciting!
Like, he'll graduate in the spring-
and this time next year we'll be living in a different state!
We always wanted to travel and adventure around the world, and we're sure on that track now.
I love it.
The next morning, like early early morning Liam and I said our sad goodbyes and boarded our plane back to Phoenix.
I keep telling myself it's only eight more days, then we get to see him for a weekend, another ten days and then we'll be back together for good.
We. Can. Do. This.
Liam was stellar on the flights.
Six hours on a plane isn't easy for anyone, and this baby made it seem like a cake walk!
We were stuck in the middle seat too and he still did amazing.
The people next to us kept saying he was an angel baby, and the sweetest, smiliest little guy.
They're sure right.
I don't know how Zak and I got so lucky!
Liam thanks for being the best travel buddy!

^^This photo was taken just as the sun was rising in Chicago-
pretty cool view huh?!
We had a super fun time hanging out with Zak for the week, and already miss him like crazy.
Very grateful though for the time we got together, and to be able to fly out and see him!
Hope you enjoyed another little travel diary of mine, and thanks so much for following along with all our adventures this summer-
Love sharing it all with yah!


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