six month beach babe.

Happy six months to the happiest baby boy I know!
It's crazy that you've only been with us for 6 months, because I know deep in my heart that I've known you forever and that we met a long long time ago.
It's such an incredible feeling.
Not to get too sappy, because this boy makes me emotional, literally could happy cry over just the way he looks at me, but this is a huge milestone for Liam.
He's not a little babe anymore.
He's a big babe now!
He weighs 21 lbs, he's 28.5 in long and he's in the 99th percentile for both!
I told yah, BIG babe!
His rolls just keep getting yummier and yummier everyday!
And he's also a great arm workout;)

This week he just started sitting up on his own, I don't ever leave him because he's still a little wobbly, but he's growing up so much!
And he's rolling over more and more each day too!
We got him a little bouncer earlier this month and he just goes crazy in it-
kicking his little legs and working his chubby thighs!

He also just started babbling and says "dadadadad" and it seriously makes our day!
Like both Zak and I's faces just light up when we hear him start chirping away.
It's the cutest new voice he has and you can see him try so hard to spit out the sounds.
Literally adorableness overload.

Lets see he also...

- bites onto anything and everything- including mamas face!
- loves water bottles
- likes to pet and grab Romie {thank goodness Romie is so tolerant and doesn't mind a bit}
- he started grabbing his diaper and has successfully taken it off once
- eats solid foods, just started having lunches this week!
- hates peas
- will open his mouth when I say "give mama kisses!"
- is very good at Skyping and Facetiming
- will stop still in his tracks if you start reciting The Cat in The Hat {it's his favorite!}
- loves to cuddle up and nurse {his mamas favorite thing in the whole wide world}
- smiles at everything
- has been called the Gerber Baby a billion times
- shakes his head back and forth when I say, "go crazy, go crazy"
- loves to just roll around and play all day long
- his favorite spot is riding shot gun on mama's hip
- is getting over his hatred of car seats
- is a toy hoarder
- has a million nick names
- loves to play the "I'm going to get you!" game
- babbles away
- naps about three times a day
- and is the sweetest little soul you ever did meet!

I have strangers stop me in public and say he has "the prettiest blue eyes they've ever seen!"
Along with, "wow he's so cute and chubby!"
And a few, "how much does he weigh?!"
He's seriously the happiest and chubbiest and cutest and sweetest baby in the entire world.
I don't know how the heck Zak and I got so lucky.
We love this little guy more than words can say-
He's our everything.
Happy six months Liam, you are the biggest blessing in our life and we love you so sweetheart!

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