riding solo.

So Zak's been gone ten days now. 
I get to see him Thursday night.. so we're almost to the half way mark.
Woot woot.
I can't wait to explore Virginia and be on the East Coast for a little bit, just adventuring around with my boys.
And the weather, I also can't wait for that.

Wait can we take a moment just love on that little smiley face?!^^
I was dreading Zak being gone.
For multiple reasons obvi.
I hate that Liam doesn't get to see his daddy everyday {thank goodness for FaceTime}, I don't like when my best friend is gone and he's my other {better} half so him being gone is normally tough for me, but then you add a baby and it's triple tough.
us living on the third floor can be such a pain in the butt sometimes!
 And having someone around to help here and there makes life much easier..
but we've managed!
And pretty well, might I add.
I mean, I just try and look at carrying groceries and a 20lb baby up and down all those stairs multiples times a day as my workout..
So win win.
But really, I've gotten used to the little crappy things like that and know I have NO room to complain because him being gone during this time is nothing compared to what some people go though.
Props to all you single parents, and long distance-ers- out there-
you're amazing.

And when the days start till feel long and I'm losing steam we jump in the hot car and head to nice cold Target.
Thank you Dollar Spot and food area-
you're the perfect little pick-me up!

And when that fails.
Caffeine does the trick!

One other thing that keeps me sane is working out.
Even if I just went to the gym and sat there-
being in that type of environment mentally helps me a ton.
But, it's kinda hard to go to the gym when there's no childcare-
so I tried doing workouts at home..
and these two trouble makers below woke up right smack in the middle and ended my session immediately.
At least I tried though?

But then cue Zak's awesome mom who came over multiple times throughout the week to watch Liam just so I could go to the gym and get a few things done.
Aren't grandmas the best?!
And Liam loves that time too.

Someone also started teething last week.
Poor baby.
So he hasn't been the happiest camper and you can just tell his little mouth hurts.
So during those needy little moments I just scoop him up and he's either glued to my hip or riding shot gun in the carrier!

Or we'll lay down and cuddle.
Maybe watch some Olympics..
go USA!

And he'll eventually fall asleep!
Aren't those rose the yummiest?!

After his afternoon nap we usually play some more and then it's his new favorite time-
He's now had carrots {love them}, squash {didn't love them so much} and peas {not his favorite}.
We FaceTime daddy during all of it too so we can try and have dinner "together."

Then it's off to bath time, jammies, our nightly reading routine and lights out!

Those are how the last ten days have been.
Lots of routine and consistency.
Lots of patience.
Lots of cuddles and nursing.
Lots of love.
And lots and lots and lots of FaceTime.

I was totally dreading this time while Zak was away-
thinking that I would just be so exhausted each day riding solo-
but honestly it hasn't been that bad.
Liam is such a joy.
He makes me laugh, boy does he make me laugh all day.
And it's like he knows it's not the easiest right now, so he's cool just cuddling and reading together and playing independently so mama can relax for a bit.
I was journaling the other night and just writing down little tender moments we'd had all week and feeling so lucky for this priceless time I've had with him.
Times where he looks me in the eyes and smiles, waves his little hand in the air so I can tickle it, laughs when I say silly things, buries his head in my chest, lets me hold him all day long and just wants to nurse and lay down together for a bit.

Those are seriously what I live for.
He's not going to little forever, so I cherish these moments so dang much it hurts.
Okay sorry for the mushy gushy feelings-
my mama heart could just burst with love for this little guy.

Anywho- the days can be long, but the weeks are so short!
These ten days have kinda flown by and we CANNOT wait to see Zak.
It's going to be the sweetest reunion.

Have a lovely night everyone!



  1. You are a CHAMPION. My husband had away rotations while I was pregnant, and I thought that was rough..I can't imagine doing it now that I have a babe! Props to you for doing so well!

    1. Stop. Your words are the best! Oh preggo would've been just as hard! Thank goodness the time somehow flew by and we survived! Hallelujah! hahah!