mornings at the pool.

Hi all!
Zak's been gone a couple days and we're already missing him hard.
It's not easy being apart- shout-out to all single parents and those long distance-ers- you're amazing!
But we get to go visit him in Virginia next week, so it isn't that bad.
Just 11 days!
I. Can. Do. This.
This summer we've made it a point to spend as many mornings as we can poolside.
We love getting up super early and heading down to the water while it's nice and cool and shaded.
Plus no ones around!
Woot. Woot. 
We usually bring our coffee with, and if I'm lucky a little breakfast too and just enjoy the water.
It's one of my new favorite things ever.
PS if you follow me on SnapChat you can see more of our little swim sessions, my usernames sidneycoats!

Liam LOVES the water and when we say "kick kick kick" he starts moving his little legs as hard as he can it's the cutest!
That boy steals my heart more and more everyday.

He also knows "splash splash splash" and will start throwing his arms in the water and it's like being in the splash zone at Sea World!
These quiet calm mornings spent together are times I truly cherish.
I read an article about how when life gets crazy, messy or really busy and you think you're kinda in the thick of things is when you'll look back and say, "those were the days."
And these moments are certainly "those" times- I wish I could just freeze them!

This five-and-a-half-month stage is so dang sweet.
He's so chunky and funny and loud and his personality is just shinning through!
We love you so much Liam.
You're a dream come true!

Have an awesome day guys!
PS my suit is from Kortni Jeane, and Liam's was gifted.


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