liam turns five months.

Hi loves!
Just wanted to do a quick recap- 
because after traveling the last couple weeks I didn't want to forget to write about Liam turning five months.
Holy moly time flies!
I always say that, but it's the truth.
Liam, you make us so darn happy it hurts.
You're silly and sweet and can make anyone around you smile!
You love hearing your dad read Cat in The Hat
you love to chew on all of your toys,
 you're the best traveler,
you belly laugh when I say "sleepy baby" {I have no clue why that phrase makes you laugh so hard?!}, 
you want your hand to be tickled while you nurse to sleep,
 you tried your first solid food-carrots, 
you've been to four states already {AZ, CA, UT, WA},
you're always riding on my hip these days,
you're slowly starting to roll over,
you're ticklish under your neck, on your back, sides and chubby thighs,
your super chubby and have more and more rolls each day, 
and you still love kick and splash a ton in the bath.

We celebrate you turning five months today because you've been the biggest joy in our lives and we're so dang lucky to have had you with us for five months already.
You are our greatest adventure and we love you so.


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