goodbye hubby.

We bid farewell to Zakary on Sunday.. Virginia please be nice to him!
He's there all month for his first pediatric away rotation, which is so exciting that we're finally at this point of med school, but very crazy as well.
I can't believe he'll be matching into his residency program in like four months- what the heck?!
The night before he left we went on a little family date to celebrate him completing all his board testing {woot woot} and just spend some time together before he took off.
Liam's almost sitting up so we wanted to get him a new little seat/swing/bouncer thing so we had a romantic date night to Buy Buy Baby and then went to Outback Steak House haha.
We wanted to be spontaneous and we were just like "let's pick a random new restaurant close by" and Outback it was!
Not too bad, might I add.
It was a really fun night with my boys.
Zak makes me laugh like no other and Liam is just as crazy now!
He keeps us entertained that's for sure!

He started shaking his head back and forth lately and we caught him in the act!
He thinks it's so funny, as do we.
Everyone around us did too!
Such a little ham!

We had Liam "test drive" a couple seats out, and we ended up taking this bad boy home!
He looks so big sitting in it!
We don't have an infant anymore, that's for darn sure!
These summer nights have been so sweet.

Skpying with Zak each day just isn't cutting it-
we miss him too much!
But we'll be visiting soon and then we'll get to tag along with him next month.
PS I swear I'm not emo but I just felt like black and white photos seemed appropriate for this post... so maybe I am emo?!
Just go with okay:)
I hope your nights going well-
Baby went down early so Romie and I are about to have a little dessert and indulge ourselves in the juicy new Hills Special #teamLCalways.



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