we miss you!

Good morning sunshines!
 So Liam and I took off to Utah for the week and left Zak and Romie behind.
I'm so excited to be in cooler weather, seeing family but man oh man do I {we} miss them and wish they were here with us!
So I thought I'd dedicate this post to Zakary and Romie to say how much we love and miss them!
You make us both laugh uncontrollably, entertain us for days, make us feel better when we're sad, take care of us, make us smile more than anyone else and give us the best life ever.
You're our everything. 
And so are you Pookie Bear-
take care of daddy while we're gone!
I never like being away from Zak-
in the eight years we've been together, being apart has been the worst. 
We've only gone a few days, but over the next couple months there's going to much longer gaps than that with all the traveling we have to do for medical school.
But it's okay!
There's a thing called FaceTime and cell phones that makes being apart more bearable. 
Thank you technology!
Anywho we love and miss you guys!!
Liam especially misses his study sessions with you-
Zak wears a t-shirt over his nice shirt because this boy is MESSY!

Liam misses his couch hangs with daddy!

And being carried around the apartment {his favorite little spot}!

He misses reading with daddy- no one does Cat in The Hat like you babe!

And I'll miss getting texts like this!
But thank goodness for Skype!

We can't wait to get back and see you Zakary!
We don't know what we'd do without you!
Especially me because you're the best partner, supporter, friend and hubby I could ever ask for.
Now if you're reading this-
quickly look at the rest of these photos and get back to studying so you can kick butt on this test!!!!
And we love and miss you too pookie bear!!!

Big brother being so protective-
watching Liam sleep!

Click below to see more photos!

This boy!
So much energy!

And does he not look like a toddler here?!
How is he only 4 1/2 months?!

We put this little hat on him the other day and he looked like a fisherman!
I was dying.

And we miss our bunny too!
We'll be visiting her in Seattle next!

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