visiting gig harbor.

Oh happy day everyone!
Today I'm excited to share all about our time in Gig Harbor, Washington.
First of all, it's probably one of the prettiest town's I've ever been to!

It's a little town settled right on the water and the harbor is just filled to the brim with the most gorgeous sail boats and yachts!

This boat was one of my favs!
The name was so cute.
It had the classic nautical color scheme that I'm a bit obsessed with. 

Everywhere I looked I could just see little white boats speckled across the sea!

On our first day we decided to just walk around the historic downtown area!
Our first pit stop was at the local arts and craft fair.
We found a bunch of cute stuff like this adorable floral table cloth that also doubled as the best picnic blanket later on!

The downtown district is just too cute, you guys.
The flowers, colored street lamps and brick buildings just made for the most darling backdrop for our trip.

There are all kinds of fun recreational activities that you can do around the harbor as well!
We rented kayaks and stand up paddle boards at Emerald Yachts-
it was crazy to be so up close and personal with the huge boats!
I totally think this is the best way to see the harbor!

My sister-in-law ventured in the water with me and we had such a fun time!
I'm so happy Liam got to hangout with his Aunt Kelcy while we were in Washington!
Family makes everything better.

After exploring around we set up camp Skansie Brother's Park and Netshed.
We laid out our new table cloth haha and just sat back and watched all the boats!
If you're in town you totally need to check out the Netshed-
it's a darling little piece of history!

And it has such a sweet view of the harbor!

While we hung out at the park, Chalk the Harbor was also going on!
So we had to join in!
Who doesn't love sidewalk chalk!?
The city passed out tons of chalk for free and let everyone go crazy drawing all over the town.
Some of the art was so impressive!
Do you like our whale wearing a cap and bird below?!
My mom titled it The Stowaway! haha!

And then my sweet niece surprised us with this cute ASU drawing-
go devils!

My mom and I love looking at houses so we also ventured into the little neighborhood that lined downtown and the houses were so dreamy!
I would take any of these in a heartbeat!

We decided that ice cream sounded like the perfect snack {I mean when doesn't it?!} so we headed over to Kelly's Cafe and Expresso for a couple scoops of heavenly goodness!
You guys, it was so good.

I opted for one scoop of mint chip and an even bigger scoop of strawberry.
Liam even wanted some!

And confession:
we went back AGAIN! This time we also had dinner and celebrated my mom's birthday!
Their food was just as good.
And I think I had the best turkey panini ever.
And that says a lot because I'm quite the turkey sandwich/turkey burger connoisseur.
Oh the fish and chips weren't too shabby either!
And same with the coleslaw.
Okay I'm done!


Liam is such a little cheeser!
He keeps us all entertained, especially when we go out to eat!


Oh and since we're on the subject of food-
we also hit up El Pueblito Twice!
The chips and salsa were so yummy!
And the staff was the sweetest as well.
They didn't even mind when our big crew took up the booth with the best view and then spilled water all over..!
Life with kiddos I tell yah!

After adventuring and exploring all weekend we retreated back to The Inn at Gig Harbor!
We were spoiled with the nicest suite {jacuzzi bathtub included}!
It was the perfect spot to sit back and relax before heading back out on the town!
Liam and I indulged in sweets and some good ole reality TV shows before dinner time.
I love this cuddly stage of his.
Thanks to everyone at the Inn for providing us with the suite-est room!

If you're traveling to Seattle you have to go to Gig Harbor, and if you're in Gig Harbor you gotta stay here.
First of all, the staff is so so nice!
They checked me in early and helped me get all settled after a long day.
And let's face it:
Customer service is everything these days!
Second of all, the rooms are so cozy!
The historic theme is super quaint and I could've laid in bed allll day long!
And third of all, they have good eats onsite!
Talk about convienence!
 The Heritage Restaurant is terrific! And the perfect spot to grab breakfast after sipping on your coffee and enjoying the paper.

Liam approved of our room too, if you couldn't tell!

Our room was big enough to host a huge family, yet it was still homey and the perfect escape when on vacation. 

We had the best time at the Inn and I totally recommend it if you're in the area!
It was SO close to the Harbor, and yah know, location, location, location!

Our last night was actually my mom's birthday so we went down and watched the sunset over the harbor-
it was the prettiest backdrop!
It had been cloudy most of the day, but all of a sudden the sun popped out and the sea was seriously shimmering!

I'm forever thankful we were able to celebrate her birthday this year in paradise!
She does so much for our family, and I think that Gig Harbor will always hold a special place in our hearts!
It's such a magical place!
And thanks again The Inn at Gig Harbor for spoiling us silly with the sweetest room!!

PS click here to see all our photos from Seattle!



  1. What a gorgeous place! You got some great pictures!

    1. Oh hands down one of the prettiest places I've ever been! Unreal. And thank you!!!:)