those were the days.

Hi guys!
The weeks have been flying by!
How is it the Fourth of July already?!
What are your plans?!
Anything fun?!
We're laying low just relaxing- nothing too fancy!
We're traveling soon so we're soaking up as much time at home as we can before hotel hoppin.
It seems like Liam has grown SO MUCH in the past month. 
He's got a few more rolls, super attentive and is so silly.
Four and a half months is my favorite age!
His personality is really the best.

I kinda wanted to reflect a little in this post and just list out some the highlights throughout our weeks-
because I'm a firm believer that the little things in life make up a the big things.
Like dancing around the kitchen with Liam, Romie and Zak.
Having little dance breaks throughout the day makes me so dang happy.
I want to look back and remember these tender little moments.

- When one of us is reading a tongue twister of a book like Fox in Socks and we can't stop laughing because neither of us can get the lines right and towards the end it sounds like we're saying a bunch of gibberish and Liam just eats up.

- Times when we make it down to the pool in the early mornings and it's just us three, the weather's perfect, the pool temp is just right and we're playing in the water not worrying about a thing.

- Car rides when Liam isn't having it so we're busting out "Old McDonald Had a Farm" at the top of our lungs, looking like lunatics trying to make him laugh. I love those moments.

- Cheering on Liam as he's trying to roll over but his chubby little body just won't budge, however he's not giving up! It gets me excited for our future when we'll be cheering him on through whatever endeavors he chooses!

- When I walk in on bath time and Zak and Liam are just lounging in the water, talking and singing softly together. It's seriously the cutest.

- Transitioning Liam to big boy stuff like his stroller, new shoes or having him try on little outfits and hats for the first time. So sweet!

I always like to take time to reflect on little things that make me happy-
kinda like counting your blessings if you will?
Because it's so easy to get hyped up for future things that you forget about what's right in front of you yah know?
I really think these tender moments and wonderful memories are times that we're going to look back at say "those were the days."
I sure do love this family of mine-
I thank the Lord everyday for them!
I hope you can kinda collect those little moments each day too!
They're really the best. 

Have a sweet afternoon loves!


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