summer vacations.

Happy Friday!
Have any fun plans for the Fourth of July?!
We're kinda laying low this weekend-
Liam and I are traveling all next week so we decided to kinda hang out here for the holiday.
And because Zak has to continue studying for a super big test:/
But that's the life in the world of medicine!
like I was saying, Liam and I will be taking off to cooler places this month and wanted to see if you had any great recommendations on places to see, things to do and obvi where to eat!
We'll be going to..

- Utah {Salt Lake City area}
- Seattle
- L.A
- Virginia Beach
- San Diego

I can't wait!
It's too hot in AZ... 
and I'm just so excited to be able to take Liam outside without worrying about him melting.
Holla at cha girl if you have any recommendations-
I'd love to check them out!
I'm such a planner when it comes to trips..

PS check out my new "day designer" AKA planner I got the other day!!
Life changer when it comes to tasks and "to-do" lists.
Thank you Target!
Okay back to what I was saying..
I love planning my trips, checking out local spots and getting fun recs from others-
so thanks for the ideas people!
I hear the bebe waking up so I'm going to!

Have an awesome rest of your FriYAY!


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