postpartum weight loss tips.

Hello loves!
First pah-lease don't judge these super classy bathroom mirror bump and postpartum pics.
It's how I can really see progress and I figured I'd show them and then write about what I've been doing to get back to my pre-babe bod.
So lets start from the beginning shall we?
Below are some pictures of just before Liam was born so 37/38 weeks pregnant.
I gained about 33 lb.'s total-
but my goal is to lose around 40 lb.'s just to tighten up a bit!

These pictures were taken two days before he was born.
I was sooo ready at this point!
I just remember being super uncomfortable, and feeling very full!
I was dilated 3cm, 75% effaced and my doctor predicted he would come early so I was just waiting for the green light at that point!

 Hahhahha okay PROMISE not to be mean..
I can't believe I'm posting this one.
But, I like to keep it real with you guys!
This was taken the same time-
If you couldn't tell?!

Okay so fast forward a couple days when Liam is born-
I still have a bump, just without the baby!
This was taken literally hours after he was delivered.
The nurses said my uterus contracted down pretty quickly and my tummy started to flatten-ish as the days went on.

These were taken a week later-
I was immediately able to do cardio {had to wait on any weight lifting since I was still healing} so I would walk as much as possible, drink tons of water and was breastfeeding around the clock!
Don't worry, I'll list out everything I did at the end of this post so it's easy to read!

I can't remember when these photos were taken-
but you can see the slow progress of my swelling going down.

Okay so here are somethings I did postpartum to get my tummy back!
And real quick-
I LOVE how my body looked pregnant.
It's seriously a miracle and I think it's so amazing to see how our bodies can change and create another human being!
Like seriously incredible.
So I don't want this to seem like I was ashamed of my belly or didn't like how I looked-
because I'm so stinkin' grateful for my body and for the chance to have a baby.
One of the biggest reasons I want to get back to my pre-baby body is so that I can hopefully get pregnant again!
Oh and one more thing-
This was all cleared by my OB as well.
Very important.

1. Mentality-  First and foremost you gotta love what cha got. It was so easy to get down about being in this awkward I'm-not-pregnant-but-still-look-pregnant stage, but I just had to push those negative thoughts outta my mind and stay positive! I knew my belly wouldn't be back to normal ASAP, and had to keep telling myself- it took nine months to get this way, it's going to take nine months to get it back. Especially being hormonal, extremely tired and then you add not really having clothes to wear postpartum- it's a recipe for disaster. There were days I'd get super self conscious and have a minor freakout because I had nothing to wear and didn't feel comfortable in my skin, but I just had to remind myself it takes time and hello I just birthed a BABY! So long story short- tell those negative Nancy thoughts to kick rocks and love your incredible body through the entire process!

2. Water- I swear I've said "Can you hand me my water?" 234234234 times since having Liam. Oh my goodness breastfeeding makes you thirsty- I drank/drink water ALL THE TIME! And not just because breastfeeding physically makes you thirsty, but because your body needs it and it totally helped with the swelling in the beginning. So drink water. And lots of it.

3. Breastfeeding- I know not everyone chooses or is able to breastfeed- that wasn't my case. Liam latched immediately and has been nursing all the time since! But breastfeeding burns calories and I think it really helped me drop the weight in the first month- I was able to lose about 25 lb.'s in the first six weeks or so without working out super hard or really watching what I ate and I credit nursing for that. But I will say it wasn't a cake walk either! I was in SO much pain in the beginning. Hello bleeding nipples. Enough said. But I will add the pain does go away!! Hallelujah! And I love love love it so much now. 

4. Rest- Always listen to your body- if you're tired, rest! There was a point where we were pretty much zombies and living off of VERY little to no sleep so when Liam napped I had to choose nap or go to the gym. And nap it was! Your body can't function without sleep- so new parents, get it when you can! It's a necessity to survive! And then a miracle happens and your baby starts sleeping through the night and you feel like you've won the lottery! I promise it really does happen! Thank heavens!

5. Nutrition- I obviously never restricted myself while pregnant, however I did eat as clean as possible. I've always been a healthier eater- I don't eat red meat, I use MyFitnessPal daily and try to stick to whole foods as much as possible. But don't get me wrong- I love food. And totally believe that it's all about balance! So much of life revolves around food- you can't deprive yourself! I just try and be selective so when that donut is just staring at me I can enjoy it without feeling guilty. I also had food aversions while pregnant- eggs/meat were the death of me! And I didn't have any out of control cravings, which helped! And now postpartum I still don't "diet" or restrict myself since I'm breastfeeding, I eat when I'm hungry- I just make sure a majority of those choices are healthy foods like lean proteins, whole wheats, fruits and veggies. Oh and I track what I eat. A food diary just holds me accountable and I like to see what I'm eating to make sure I'm staying in line with my goals. Once I'm not nursing, I'll be more strict and start counting macros- something I did before getting pregnant that really worked for me. 

6. Exercise- First of all I worked out before and during pregnancy and was allowed to workout right after having Liam. Which is very important! However, once I got pregnant my workouts changed a bit. The first trimester I was so tired- I was lucky if I made it to the gym twice a week! But then around 12 weeks I started to feel normal again and picked back up on my workouts. I did cardio- I ran up until about 21 weeks but then started to feel uncomfortable so I switched to the bike, which was much easier on my lower back. I also lifted light weights and stretched a ton- I did prenatal yoga occasionally, which felt amazing! My goal was at least 30 minutes a day, but would go for about an hour if I could. 
Then about a month postpartum I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide {BBG}! You've probably seen her posts all over social media- the results are amazing. This program combines resistance training, HIIT and LISS- it gives you a workout schedule, meal plans and detailed exercises to do on certain days. It's hard. Kills me every time. But I love it! The resistance workouts are only 28 minutes- which why it works so well for me! I nurse Liam on demand, so time is something I have very little of. But Kayla's program kicks my butt, so after just 28 minutes I'm sore in the best way! I'm on week 17 and use her Sweat with Kayla App, which organizes it all for yah! It's so simple, easy to use and works. This isn't sponsored in anyway either- just want to tell you what works for me!

7. Corset- I used a Bellefit Postpartum corset, which helped me heal a ton! Again, this isn't sponsored- just something I used after giving birth. It gave me all the support I needed while my abdominal muscles were healing. I'd totally recommend investing in one! Totally worth it. 

8. Patience- With any fitness journey you gotta be patient. You're not going to see results overnight- it's taken me 4 and a half months to get here! And I still have a ways to go. So don't be hard on yourself and keep up the great work!

9. Consistency- I'm all about consistency! Staying on track with your goals! Eating well and working out regularly. Obviously one bad day of eating isn't going to ruin your progress, but on the flip side just one day of eating well and working out isn't going to get you the results you want either! So whenever I'd get discouraged I'd remind myself it takes time and consistency. Don't dread/think about working out, just go! Do it and get it done with. Just once a day that's it! Anywho, that's what I tell myself lol. 

10. Don't give up- After four and a half months I'm down the 33 lb.'s I gained during pregnancy, which puts me back at my pre baby weight. I still have a few more goals I'd like to hit! This is just a little progress post I wanted to share, since I'm still on this journey too! 
Hopefully it helps you out if you're about to have a baby, or wanting to be a little healthier! Don't give up on your goals, if I can do it- you sure as heck can, my love! 

And most importantly- it's not about what the scale says! 
It's about how you FEEL! 
I feel so good in my skin right now- like the pre baby me!
 And that's what it's all about. 
Being healthy and happy. 
The only reason I keep track of my weight is because while pregnant you have to track how much you gain to make sure you and that little bundle of joy are as healthy as can be. 

If you have any questions- just leave a comment or shoot me an email, I'd love to help!
Again, this is just my postpartum progress, in a couple more months I'll give another little update. 
Thanks for reading- and not judging my classy bathroom selfies!

Have the best day ever!



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  6. Congrats girl! Your transformation is incredible. I'm so interested by what people do during/after pregnancy to get back to feeling normal again. It sounds like you really found some great tips. I've heard great things about BBG too!

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  8. Ah such helpful tips! I am terrified of what my body will look like after babies, so it is great to see how great yours looks! Hard work, but it possible!

  9. I seriously would've never believed you had kids when I first saw you, much less a toddler. Aside from the fact that you look really young your body looks incredible. Great advice!


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