mama needs a break, and so do you.

You know those days you just wanna lay down, binge watch a show, not even touch your phone, maybe grab a pint of ice cream and just relax?
Haha last week I had a couple of those days.
I love my little so dang much.
To the point where my heart feels like it's going to explode!
But there are times when I look at the clock and start counting down the minutes till Zak's either home or done studying..
because this mama needs a break.
So I gave myself a little break last week.
Romie and I jumped in the car {actually Zak's car because my battery had died... another reason I needed a break} and went to Starbucks for a nice little treat.
Pictured above.
I just needed a few minutes to myself yah know?!
Taking care of a little human all day isn't the easiest job lemme tell yah.
I was pooped on twice, peed on three times and spit up on too many times to count.
And then you add on house hold responsibilities, you're own goals, side projects and oh yeah being a wife and your plate stacks up and you need to just sit back and relax for a moment or two.
Without having to change a diaper.
Another time I needed a break I decided to get a little Pinterest-y and tried to make that watermelon concoction below.
It was a failure, but it was nice to try out a new drink recipe while blaring music and not have to worry about feeding any other human being.
And I mean that in the sweetest way.
Sarcastically too!
If you couldn't tell?!

And I should add that Zak tells me all day long-
let me help, how can I help, let me take over, how can I give you a break..
he's really the best and so supportive.
He can just tell sometimes I need a breather and will stop whatever's he's doing and tell me to go relax.
Which is so helpful because I'm someone who will go 100 mph without stopping until I'm burned out so it's nice to just have him step in and take over without asking. 

So I guess the point of this post is to let you know that you deserve a break too!
It's okay to slow down, stop what you're doing and just take a breather.

- Listen to your favorite song {our fav jam right now is Adele's Send Your Love}
- Make yourself a little treat {mine is cut up frozen banana mixed in a cup of fat free vanilla Greek Yogurt}
- Take your pup for a walk outside in the fresh air {but if you're in AZ wait till nighttime cuz it's HOTTT}
- Have yourself a little cat nap
- Watch an episode of your favorite show {mine right now is Pretty Little Liars}
- Or find a good book to read {we just finished "The Girl on The Train and it was really good! Totally like Gone Girl, a thriller for sure}!

I hope this post helps yah rewind a bit if yah need it, cuz I know I sometimes do!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!


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