liam's first fourth of july.

Did you all have a good Independence Day?!
Ours was sweet and slow- we mostly swam and just lounged around the house.
Not super exciting, but just what I needed before Liam and I leave Zak for almost two weeks.
Zak's been having to study {I feel like I've typed that sentence like a million times in the past four years lol} but he took a couple days off and man oh man was it wonderful.
I missed my husband!
One of the nights off we initiated Liam into our family by taking him to Costa Vida for the first time-
sorry Cafe Rio peeps!

And then went on a little shopping trip to Old Navy 
{you guys they have the best clearance section right now} because our little chubby monster is gaining lb.'s left and right and we can't keep up with his sizes!
He really is our son.

We had some pool time each morning- when it's shaded, not a million degrees out and there isn't a soul in sight. 

We're talking like 7:00 AM early.
It's so nice!
The weather isn't killing us and the pool temp is perfect.

Liam loves baths and same goes for the pool too.
I uploaded a little video to my instagram here of us playing in the water.

He just melts our hearts, that boy!

Ps that ^^^ pout is like my favorite little expression of his!!!!

Then on the Fourth, after playing in the pool, we hung out in our jammies, watched home videos of when Zak was little {hilarious, finished The Girl on The Train we've been meaning to get back into {can't wait for the movie} and then ventured off to grab dinner before watching fireworks.

I usually pride myself in planning-
but somehow the night of the fourth I really screwed the pooch.
We thought going to In-N-Out for dinner, and then watching the fireworks would be a good idea..
until we pulled up to the restaurant {starving} and everyone and their moms were there. 
Like we turned around immediately.
Why I thought going to In-N-Out right next to Tempe Town Lake {location of fireworks} was a good idea was beyond me.
So we drove around hangry as crap and the only thing open and somewhat quick was good ole Denny's.
I guess it's pretty American, so it fit well it being the Fourth of July and all.

I think this ^^^^ photo is one of my new favs of us two.
His shoes kill me.
So do his thighs.
So we pigged out at Denny's and then saw fireworks as we drove home.
Poor Liam was not having it in the car {past his bedtime routine} so we didn't stop and b-lined it home.
Ps the pics below are blurry.
Just go with it... taking photos with/of babies is HARD.
He was so into waving the flag though.
Get it Liam!!

So not the most traditional Independence Day... 
{my family was camping the whole weekend.. too hot for bebe}
but it was still a really good day with my boys.
We'll be in Utah this week so we'll get to see some more fireworks and be outdoors without melting-
I can't wait!!
AZ, you are just too hot for me sometimes.
Anywho, I hope you all had the best fourth of July, ate lots of BBQ, swam and were with the ones you love!
And a huge thank you to all of our wonderful service men, women and families!!
 Trues heroes, you are!



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