liam and mama take seattle.

Hello everyone!
How have you been?!
Liam and I just got back from a couple trips, and now we're on our way to California!
We were fortunate enough to go spend some time with family this past weekend in Washington, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!
This was my first time to the North West, and man oh man is it beautiful!
And the weather.
We stayed in Gig Harbor, aka the cutest quaintest town you ever did see-
however a we took the ferry over to Seattle and adventured around a bunch as well.
The ferry was a ton of fun and the views were stunning!

All the houses that lined the beach were so dreamy!
My mom and I kept saying "Oh look at that one, and that one too!"
It was sunny and warm and I wish I could've bottled it up and brought it back to AZ with me!

Our very first stop was Ivars Fish Bar!
We all split a bunch of fish and chips with bowls of clam chowder and let me tell you..
I could eat it again right this minute.
Everything from the fish to the tarter sauce was just so dang good.
They know their seafood that's for sure.
You bet I indulged and I didn't mind one bit!
Calories don't count on vacation remember?!

After grubbing out we headed over to Pike Place to check out the shops.
Haha so in my mind I thought this place was like a quiet little farmers market...
man was I wrong.
I first and foremost shouldn't have worn booties-
we had to go up a million stairs..
if you're friends with me on Snap Chap you would've seen the whole thing.
I. was. dying. 
I also thought it always rains in Seattle-
I was wrong again.
It was sunny and on the warmer end of things so I certainly didn't need jeans and the heavy jacket I lugged around.
I was struggling by the end of the day-
but it was totally worth it because we had the best time and laughed the entire way up those stairs!

The flowers you guys.
And cheap!
If I wasn't carrying an 18lb babe in heels up and down those stairs I would've taken so many of these puppies home with me.
Peonies are my favorite and they were all over the place!

 I was kinda in heaven.
And all the fruit stands were so yummy.
I had all kinds of samples and we munched on a bag of cherries that were divine.

We stopped and watched the guys throw the big fish everywhere like you see in shows-
so cool!
Like the food here is unreal.
So fresh and delicious everywhere you turn.

After walking around the market all afternoon we had to stop and make a little break.
There weren't many public restrooms around and our little mister made quite the blow out all over himself and I..
so in a desperate attempt I changed him on the side of the street..
and nursed him there as well.
Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess.
This was his third outfit he had dirtied soooo we had to get him a little tourist onsie and hat because mama didn't pack enough!
We were cracking up.
And thankfully everyone who walked by couldn't help but laugh at our little nakey babe!

A huge thanks to my mom and Cole for hosting us!
They treated Liam, myself and my niece and nephew to the sweetest trip and we had the best time exploring the city.
It's sooo pretty there and full of the best food.
If you didn't notice by now I loved the food.

We caught the ferry back home and enjoyed the gorgeous views as we rested our tired legs.
We did a full on Home Alone run through the ferry terminal to catch the boat lol soooo
we were all a little pooped.
But it was such a good day with my baby crab!

I'll be showing some more photos of the rest of our trip soon so watch out for that!
Have a safe and lovely weekend everyone!


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