i'm your mama and you're my baby.

Those eye!
Those beautiful big blue eyes.
How did we get so lucky?!
His little facial expressions just melt my heart.

And the more he grows the more affectionate he is!
He can communicate things he likes, if he's happy, when he's sleepy or if he's hungry and it's just so cute.
There's just something so sweet about a baby letting you know they love you, they need you and that you make them happy.
I tell Liam everyday-
"I'm your mama and you're my baby, forever and ever!"
I never want him to forget it!

Lately we've been nursing laying down before bed and it's the sweetest part of my day.
He coos and smiles and then just snuggles up to me and falls asleep.
I can just stare at his little face all night long!
And I don't even care if wakes me up every two hours!
That's what coffee's for.
Thank you teething!

Another new thing he's been doing is while he's nursing to sleep he'll reach up and hold my hand.
He'll keep there the entire time and my heart pretty much explodes.
It's these moments that make life amazing.
Not money, not expensive cars or dream homes..
it's these precious precious times.
They're priceless!

A parent's love for their little one is indescribable.
He's just this little bundle of joy that brings so much happiness to our home.
I'm forever grateful for his soul and the light he's brought to our family.
Liam we love you more than you'll ever know.

Okay I'm sorry my emotional sappy post is almost over.
We just love him so much and he's starting to reciprocate those feelings and it's just the coolest thing ever.
He's such a happy, fun, silly, easy baby and we're just the luckiest!
How has he only been here for 20 weeks AKA 4.5 months?!
This is my diary and I never want to forget these memories.

Have a great night sweets!


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