So guess what?!
The other day Zak and I finally went on a solo date together-
woot woot.
It had been like over a month since we had a date night so it was long overdue.
And very needed.

Shoutout to my mom for coming and watching Liam for the whole day while we ran around town! 
It's always nice when we can go do stuff together, even if it's not date-y type stuff like eye appointments of little errands here and there.
I love just being in the front seat with him again-
because when you have a baby someone's always in the back seat lol
and it's fun to just hangout him and I.

We went to the Cheese Cake Factory for lunch and gorged ourselves silly.
We're fans of places that serve bread before your meal-
give us all the carbs!
Afterwards we walked around Barnes and Noble and checked out the kid section.
We read non stop with Liam, so we had to bring him home some new material!
We ended up with Fox in Sox, The Lorax and Sherlock Holmes.
So far they've been fun ones to read!
It's funny because as much as we were needing "us time" we talked about Liam a ton and were so excited to bring him home some new books!
I mean, how could you not be obsessed with that little face.
He's too cute- I could eat him up!
PS I nurse him round the clock, but when we have a sitter we obvi give him a pumped bottle-
so when my mom watched him she propped up the bottle and he was trying to hold it himself!
When she sent me these photos I died.
First of all he looks like the most precious little thing I've ever seen and second of all when did he learn to hold so well?!
He's growing up so fast!

But no matter how big you get Liam, 
you'll always be our baby!
Forever and ever.

It was a really sweet day.
Zak and I needed the alone time-
it reminded us of old times when we'd go to a book store and look at baby books, talk about names and flip through parenting guides.
And now it's the real deal!
I love it.
So so so much.
Thanks for making my baby dream come true babe.
Love you my forever hot date!


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