clearance sales, weight loss and outdoors.

Hi sweets!
We're finally getting some summer storms in Arizona, so the other morning we decided to take advantage and get outta the house for a bit.
It was cloudy and cooler than normal so we walked around Old Town Scottsdale for a little while..
but because it's AZ we were still hot like 15 minutes after being outside..
so it didn't last too long.
When they're really little babes and can't cool themselves down, wear sunscreen or drink water like us it's just not fun to be outdoors.
Reason 2928 I'm glad we'll be living near an ocean someday.
Thank you Navy!

PS my whole entire outfit was clearance finds!!
The backpack is Target, shoes and dress are Old Navy.
Summer sales rock my world.
I'm also obsessed with my Lulababyco car seat cover and Baby Jogger City Select stroller-
Two products that make mamahood easier.
PS I'm going to do a "my favorite baby products" post soon sooo watch out for that!

These two dudes have my whole heart-
and Romie bear too!
It's crazy because we feel like we've known Liam for our entire lives.
Like it's hard to picture what our lives were like before him-
isn't that nuts?!
It's the strangest coolest feeling.
His little personality is the cutest and he literally makes us laugh all day long.
I love this silly goose so much.
Even if he poops/pees/throws up on me daily.

Kinda random but I'm close to my goal weight!
I still have like 10lb's to lose,
but I'm back in my old weight range which is a relief.
I feel like my pre-baby self again!
It takes a long time to get your body and mind back to pre baby status and I'm almost there-
woot woot.
I think it's so important to remind yourself that it literally took nine months to grow this little human-
so it's going to take a while to get back to your old self.
Next week I'll post some progress pics and tell you a little bit more about my fitness and nutrition plan.
Check my instagram for that!

Have a lovely day loves!


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