third wedding anniversary.

Last week we celebrated three years of wedding bliss!
It's crazy how fast time goes.
So much has changed since we got married-
we've lived in three states, Zak's almost done with medical school and we have a BABY!
It's been such an adventurous ride and it's just the beginning.
Zak had to work all day on June 1st so we decided to do a little family date that night to celebrate.
Wellllll when I woke up I found little cards spread around the apartment...

Each bunch spelt out "year 1, year 2 and year 3."

And then a main card was waiting on our coffee table.

Each note had a hand written poem on it reflecting back on each year of our marriage-
he's a romantic one I tell yah!
And the best at surprises.
I started reading them and tears started to flow!
He talked about all of our little memories throughout the years and it was really the sweetest.
From our Honeymoon in Hawaii, our first ghetto apartment in Omaha, date nights here and there, moving back to AZ and everything else in-between.
We've had such fun and hilarious times these last three years.

Oh and he also had some peonies waiting for me too!

Later that night we went to the Sugar bowl for dessert!
It's kinda our favorite place.
And we were so excited to share our "celebratory banana split" tradition with Liam!

Our attempt at a family selfie!

I think monster really liked his banana split milk afterwards-
it was SO GOOD.
People if you're in AZ go have ice cream at the Sugar Bowl- 
you won't regret it!

We've had this tradition since we got engaged-
literally minutes after Zak proposed we went and shared a banana split on the boardwalk while we called loved ones and told them the news.
Then after our wedding {in full wedding tress and tux} we came to the Sugar Bowl and shared a banana split!
The day we found out we were pregnant, you know we jumped in the car and had some dessert here to celebrate!
And now we're back with our baby!
How cool is that?!

Milk drunk babe.

Afterwards we came home and did our favorite-
bath time!
That face!
Kills me.

It was the perfect little night with my little family-
celebrating love!

Have a lovely day!


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