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Hi loves!
I hope your day is going good.
We're finally settled in our new home and have kicked our butts back into routine. 
I seriously thrive off of structure and consistency.
Especially trying to get this baby weight off, sticking to my exercise and healthy eating is a must!
And a schedule is the only way it works for me.
PS I'm going to do a post soon about what things I've done diet/work out wise postpartum to get my bum back in shape!
That was a weird tangent. 
Just wanted to do a little life update..
lets see.
I've had this cute little cupcake kit a while and finally put it to good use a couple days ago-
however I used store bought strawberry frosting and kinda ruined the dozen.

Also, snagged this super cute Albion Fit suit.
I cannot wait to bust it out all summer long.
I'm just a tad obsessed with the print.
We've been trying to take Liam swimming early in the mornings since it's 1,0000 degrees out during the day.
Ah I cannot wait for it to cool down.

I met some girlfriends the other day for dinner at La Grande Orange and lets just say Liam had his first restaurant melt down!
Well, I dunno if it was a melt down..
but certainly let the other restaurant goers know he was not happy.
I think he just was confused and scared about being in a new place and man started crying so bad that nursing didn't even soothe him.
Poor babe.
And kinda poor momma.
Because I was sweatin' and low key panicking while trying to comfort him.
Thank goodness I was with girls who didn't mind one bit and helped me out a ton.

This little guy has packed on the lb's the last month!
He's 19 weeks, 16.12 pounds and 26 inches long.
Healthy as a little horse and the cutest thing we've ever seen!

He seriously makes us so happy.
Zak and I just say it all day long.
Nothing can make our day brighter than his little smile, sweets laughs and wild squiggles!
He is so active you guys.
And the loudest little guy.
I swear he's going to be a crawler soon.

Hahah and his hair.
So much.
And very high maintenance. 
By the end of the day it has everything stuck in it and always needs a good shampooin.

We love you so much Liam-
you make our lives a dream come true!
I couldn't imagine our life without your silly, funny, sweet, kind little soul.

Have a lovely day!


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