donut cake and birthday candles.

Hello loves!
We got ourselves a four-month-old!
What in the world?!
Time flies, I suppose?

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Liam's four month birthday with a stack of gooey donuts!
What I would give to have one of those puppies right now.
His face in all of these photos seriously cracks me up.
His little personality totally shows!

He's so sweet and silly.
Brings us so much happiness.
I swear we've known him our entire lives.
He laughs now, and it getting super mobile.
He'll hold your hand, run his fingers down your face and set his hand in mine while nursing.
Seriously the best feeling the world.
We have a blast each day signing and dancing around the apartment with him.
We tickle and play and laugh for hours on end.
He brings so much joy to our lives and we're forever grateful for his little soul.

Happy four months Liam!
You're the messiest and cutest babe we ever did see!


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