bookworm in the making.

Hi everyone!
Hope your summer is treating you right! 
It's hottttt over here!
Like 120 degrees hot.
So we've been hibernating inside..

It's okay though, because as long as we have this chubby wubby babe I am more than happy. 
But it is kinda nice to have an excuse to cuddle up all day and just hangout.
And read.
We read books like all day long.

If you know Zak well, you know he's an avid reader, if you know us well you know we have a tiny library started in our dinning room and if you know me well you know I love a good Nicholas Sparks book any day.
We dream of having a full fledged library in the future..

Zak even convinced me to read all seven Harry Potter books-
we read them together over the course of a couple years and it was so much fun.

We always try and find a good book to read together-
something that we've loved doing since we were teeny boppers in high school..
we started with Twilight.... hahaha!
So romantic.
I was totally team Edward.. gotta love a classic gentleman.

Anywho, now that we have Liam we want to instill a love of literature and adventure. 
We seriously read to him all day-
Zak can recite Cat In The Hat without looking and I'm darn near close to spewing out One Fish Two Fish by heart.

We recently tried out Bookroo and received the cutest books in the mail!
Or should I say Liam received the cutest books in the mail!
Bookroo is a monthly children's book subscription that curates the sweetest book collection for your little and delivers them right to your front door.

In the most darling {and recycled} packaging, might I add!
And double big time plus-
it's totally affordable!
And now you can use "NEWLYWEDDIARIES" for the third month free on any multi-month subscription!
And snag $10 off by using the "LIAHAM" referral code. 

I'm very careful about things I recommend on this blog, and both Zak and I feel so strongly about this company and concept.
If you have littles that love to read, or love to listen to you read-
 you should totally check out Bookroo!

We want reading as a little family to always be something special we do together..
We got Cuckoo and Max's Castle in our package and have already read them a dozen times..
Liam's little library is really gaining speed on ours!
I hope your summer is going well-
and you're staying cooler than us!
Happy reading!

Photography credit: JPetite Photography 


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