a boy and his pup.

Those eyes!
The prettiest ones I've ever seen!!
And I am talking about both Liam and Romie's eyes-
we can't forget about Pookie Bear!

He's getting SO BIG!
He's not an infant anymore- and six months clothes are comfiest on him. 
It makes me so sad.
But I'm trying my best to embrace him growing and know that he'll always be my baby no matter how old he is.

I love both of them so much it hurts!

His facials are the best.
He's reaching and grabbing and playing so much it's crazy!
15 weeks aka 3 1/2 months is such a fun age.
And he's super vocal.
He loves when you tickle his toes and sing to him.
He's really the best.

I'm also trying to find the balance of documenting as much as I can, but also being present.
I feel like I just want to take a million photos and videos of him all day long so I can always remember how he was when he was a baby-
but then I don't want to miss out on anything either.
It's such a struggle!

Zak and I make it a big point not to be on our phones when he's awake-
same goes with computers and TV.
I just don't want him growing up and seeing up constantly looking at this little device in our hands yah know or be behind a lap top or staring at the television.
But then again I want to take pics of him all day long...
sorry I'm ranting it's just hard to find a good balance.
When you're a parent you don't want to miss a single thing whether it's caught on camera or in real life.
I'm destined to have both, but it's hard!

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These moments, when we're snuggled up just make my heart so happy.

Haha this was the bath where he not only spit up in but pooped in as well....
and then peed on me twice earlier in the day.
Parenthood is a hot mess.

His eyes keep getting bluer and bluer.
They're the prettiest.

Him and Zak are little twins.
He LOVES to be held by him. 
Like everyday when Zak gets home he'll just relax on his chest and it's the cutest little bond.

He's also getting chubby and we eat it up.
Like bring on the rolls please!

Haha those CHEEKS!

Zak was breaking in the new house with a little reading..
excuse the mess in the back.
This was when our home was filled to the brim with boxes!

He also tries to fit anything he can in that little mouth of his.
He's always sucking on his fingers.
It's so cute.

He was totally showing off his new jammies in this pic.

Morning snuggles are my favorite!

Anywho, he's awake so I'm going to go!
Have a wonderful week!


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