14 weeks and a new home.

Liam's now 14 weeks and growing like a weed!
He makes the funniest little faces and steals my heart more and more each day.
We made the big move-
literally big as in we moved to a place on the third floor..
our legs were spaghetti by the end of the day.
But it's okay because it was so worth it.
It's a bigger home and this little monster gets his own room!
Even though his crib is still in ours...
we're not ready to part just yet, okay!?

He woke up the other morning with the fiercest mohawk I've ever seen.
This kid has more hair than me!
Especially now thanks to postpartum hair loss.

This week was a little hectic-
living out of boxes, having half the house all packed up..
but we made it!
And Liam was a little trooper.

We took lots of dance party breaks, which made packing way more fun.

And lots of nap time breaks, too.

Zak was also a trooper- balancing working nights and then coming home and packing all day...
the things he does for us!
And the sleep he misses out on!
We appreciate him so dang much.

Oh and something pretty cool also happened this week-
Liam started grabbing onto toys!
It's the cutest thing ever to watch him see something he wants, slowly reach up, open his little fists and cling on to the toy with the most determination ever.
Way to go buddy!

It's a blast to see your child learn brand new things and experience life for the first time.
They're so innocent and sweet. 
Gosh babies are the best.
Especially this energetic little guy!
This is what he does 90% of the day..
kick, kick and kick some more!

Well I shouldn't say 90% because lets be real-
this kid has Zak and I's appetite..
he's nursing 90% of the day!
I love my little side kick so much.

Thanks for putting up with my millions of baby pics-
I can't help myself I'm obsessed and you guys know I like to document it all!
The good, the bad, the ugly and everything else in-between.

Thanks for following along on our newlywed diary adventure!!


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