13 weeks and packing and camping.

We boxed up our little downtown apartment and did a big move a couple weeks ago!
Wahoo for living in chaos temporarily.
But really, for as many times as Zak and I have moved-
we kinda got it down. 
We give ourselves one week or less to pack, one day to move it all, and then one week to get everything unpacked, hung and decorated. 
We hate living in crazy so we like to get it all organized and tidy asap so we can feel at home and get back to our normal lives again.
We were really worried we'd run out of time packing, since you know we have a baby now and having a baby makes moving a tad bit harder, but Zak was a trooper and pretty much did it all while Liam and I watched from the couch.
Actually scratch that, moving with kids is a breeze!
*For me, not Zak.*

Even though it's tougher to move with kiddos-
it's way more fun because you get to take the sweetest little breaks to giggle with your little!
These pictures KILL me.

I love these two so much.
They're such twins.

Liam's getting better at tummy time and will occasionally roll over.
I send videos all the time to our parents of him conquering the roll.
I'm such a cheese ball mom-
you can here me in the background squealing and cheering him on like he's in the Olympics.
But I don't care- I'm obsessed with being his mama. 

That GRIN!
My heart.

And he's starting to get a little chubby!
His double chin is the best thing ever.
And maybe the messiest, too.
We gotta clean extra good under those rolls.

We also really love to read to him all throughout the day.
It lets him get used to hearing our voices and we really hope he loves to read and learn like us..
more specifically like Zak-
lets be real.
I'm more of a I'll just watch the movie gal.. but don't tell Liam!

Oh I forgot... 
this was also the week we attempted camping with family.
Long story short-
we're very unexperienced campers and will try again when Liam's older.

And one more pic for good measure.
This 2-3 month age is so cute!
He's still little, but not tiny that we can't do anything with him, and he's starting to really show his personality and have fun.
We LOVE it and him oh so much. 


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