bookworm in the making.

Hi everyone!
Hope your summer is treating you right! 
It's hottttt over here!
Like 120 degrees hot.
So we've been hibernating inside..

It's okay though, because as long as we have this chubby wubby babe I am more than happy. 
But it is kinda nice to have an excuse to cuddle up all day and just hangout.
And read.
We read books like all day long.

If you know Zak well, you know he's an avid reader, if you know us well you know we have a tiny library started in our dinning room and if you know me well you know I love a good Nicholas Sparks book any day.
We dream of having a full fledged library in the future..

Zak even convinced me to read all seven Harry Potter books-
we read them together over the course of a couple years and it was so much fun.

We always try and find a good book to read together-
something that we've loved doing since we were teeny boppers in high school..
we started with Twilight.... hahaha!
So romantic.
I was totally team Edward.. gotta love a classic gentleman.

Anywho, now that we have Liam we want to instill a love of literature and adventure. 
We seriously read to him all day-
Zak can recite Cat In The Hat without looking and I'm darn near close to spewing out One Fish Two Fish by heart.

We recently tried out Bookroo and received the cutest books in the mail!
Or should I say Liam received the cutest books in the mail!
Bookroo is a monthly children's book subscription that curates the sweetest book collection for your little and delivers them right to your front door.

In the most darling {and recycled} packaging, might I add!
And double big time plus-
it's totally affordable!
And now you can use "NEWLYWEDDIARIES" for the third month free on any multi-month subscription!
And snag $10 off by using the "LIAHAM" referral code. 

I'm very careful about things I recommend on this blog, and both Zak and I feel so strongly about this company and concept.
If you have littles that love to read, or love to listen to you read-
 you should totally check out Bookroo!

We want reading as a little family to always be something special we do together..
We got Cuckoo and Max's Castle in our package and have already read them a dozen times..
Liam's little library is really gaining speed on ours!
I hope your summer is going well-
and you're staying cooler than us!
Happy reading!

Photography credit: JPetite Photography 


first father's day.

Happy {belated} father's day Zakary!
There's no one I'd rather want to this parenting gig with!
You're the best baby daddy and doggy daddy I could ever imagine and we're all so lucky to have you!

Since we were 18-years-old we've been talking about raising a family-
fun traditions we'd have, cool family dinner ideas, obviously baby names, where we'd want to take them, etc. 
And now those day dreams are our reality.

From day one Zak has gotten up all hours of the night, wouldn't let me change a diaper, helped me heal, ran all the errands, did all the chores, balanced all responsibilities and somehow still managed to kick butt in school.
Like super kick butt in school.
I always say this, but he makes me so dang proud and I don't know how he does it!
And he does it while laughing and being silly and adding so much fun to our lives.

Our life can be kinda crazy at times-
but he's our constant and protector.
He takes all stresses away from me, reassures me at times of need and always says his number one job in life is to make me happy.
How did I get so lucky?!

Liam {and Romie} are obsessed with him. 
As am I.
He smiles so big whenever he's around, his favorite place is snuggled in his arms with his face against his chest and laughs with him.
You can just see his little face light up when Zak walks in the room.
It's the cutest thing ever.

Zak is the most loving, patient, kind, sweet, smart soul I've ever met and is the best dang daddy in the world.
And one of the things I love most about him is the example and role model he is to Liam.
He's hard working, intelligent, dedicated, kind and has a love for learning that I hope and pray Liam has as well.
Okay gushing session is over- thanks for listening!
I just love this guy-
we're all obsessed with him over here.

Have an awesome day!


donut cake and birthday candles.

Hello loves!
We got ourselves a four-month-old!
What in the world?!
Time flies, I suppose?

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Liam's four month birthday with a stack of gooey donuts!
What I would give to have one of those puppies right now.
His face in all of these photos seriously cracks me up.
His little personality totally shows!

He's so sweet and silly.
Brings us so much happiness.
I swear we've known him our entire lives.
He laughs now, and it getting super mobile.
He'll hold your hand, run his fingers down your face and set his hand in mine while nursing.
Seriously the best feeling the world.
We have a blast each day signing and dancing around the apartment with him.
We tickle and play and laugh for hours on end.
He brings so much joy to our lives and we're forever grateful for his little soul.

Happy four months Liam!
You're the messiest and cutest babe we ever did see!


dating, hair loss and things I love.

Hola sweets!
Hope your day is full of happiness!
And if it's not-
that's perfectly fine too.
We're allowed those crappy kinda days.
We've been just hanging at home a ton-
staying AWAY from this crazy insane heat wave we've had.
I seriously feel so so so bad for anyone who has to be outside right now-
and always say a prayer for those people and that others also bring in their animals!
It's too hot for them too.
I love this pic below of them two.
This is Liam's favorite spot.

Zak makes him so happy!
He just started to really laugh the other day and anytime Zak sings or plays to him you just hear that belly squeal.
Music to my ears!

You can just see in his eyes how much he loves his daddy.

Those rolls!
My heart can't take it.

Zak and I haven't been on a solo date in a while..
we tried super hard to make it an every week thing but then this other thing called life happened, and family stuff happened, and school stuff happened and then baby stuff happened and poof!
It's been like a month since we lasted dated.
Where is time going?!
We had plans all set this week too, but Liam wasn't feeling too hot so we opted for family cuddles instead.
And we were totally fine with it.
We'll get a date in here soon!
Fingers crossed.

Liam's hair is just outta this world.
Like he woke up with this swirl.
I wish my hair styled this good.
Ugh I don't even wanna talk about my hair..
but I guess I'll enlighten yah.
I'm currently in the post partum hair loss stage and it SUCKS.
I don't like to complain too much about silly stuff like this..
but lemme vent just for like a minute kay?!
I already have thin/fine hair..
but when clumps are just coming out left and right and I'm shedding like a husky in the summer time...
Yes, all caps were totally needed again.
It's temporary {thank heavens} but right now every pic I take my eyes instantly go toward my hair and I squirm a little.
Preggo hair where you at?!
I need you back in my life.
Okay, rant over.
Thank you!
And PS it's totally worth it for this little bundle of cuteness.

My mommas been coming over daily and I love it.
Spending time with her-
and seeing her happy and seeing her with Liam makes me so incredibly happy.
2015 was a rough year for her, but life just keeps giving her lemons sweet luscious lemons and she's doing amazing and making the best darn lemonade ever.
 I thank the Lord everyday for that. 

Pre-bath time cuddles.
He goes nuts in the bath.
It's like being in the Shamoo splash zone with this guy.
Kicks, kicks and kicks some more.

PS I don't support Sea World btw. 
You know I'm like an animal activist in my next life.
Or in this life too. 
I appreciate all they do for the animals in need and I'm glad they aren't breeding Orcas-
but there's still a lot that needs to change before I'll be going there anytime soon.
Okay crazy animal lover lady rant ova!

Liam loves cousin time.
Miss K. came over and read to him and it was the cutest thing ever.
It's so sweet to see these relationships blossom.

Okay and radom but I wanted to tell yah about some stuff I totally love lately:

1. Crazy Hot Pop's Chips- they're really not that hot and really delicious.

2. Wal Mart grocery pick-up. Best thing ever. Cheap prices, but you don't have to go inside the store! Hallelujah! 
And they're always so nice and give you a water and snack- 
my kinda people.

3. Old Navy clearance rack. You know we're still on that student budget {only one more year to go...!!!} so shopping can be nonexistent at times.
However, when I can score the most adorable summer dress for 6 bucks I can't resist.
I'll show yah it later on, I promise!

Welp, it's time for our bedtime routine so I'm outta here!
Have an awesome night!


girls night, baking and motherhood.

Hi loves!
I hope your day is going good.
We're finally settled in our new home and have kicked our butts back into routine. 
I seriously thrive off of structure and consistency.
Especially trying to get this baby weight off, sticking to my exercise and healthy eating is a must!
And a schedule is the only way it works for me.
PS I'm going to do a post soon about what things I've done diet/work out wise postpartum to get my bum back in shape!
That was a weird tangent. 
Just wanted to do a little life update..
lets see.
I've had this cute little cupcake kit a while and finally put it to good use a couple days ago-
however I used store bought strawberry frosting and kinda ruined the dozen.

Also, snagged this super cute Albion Fit suit.
I cannot wait to bust it out all summer long.
I'm just a tad obsessed with the print.
We've been trying to take Liam swimming early in the mornings since it's 1,0000 degrees out during the day.
Ah I cannot wait for it to cool down.

I met some girlfriends the other day for dinner at La Grande Orange and lets just say Liam had his first restaurant melt down!
Well, I dunno if it was a melt down..
but certainly let the other restaurant goers know he was not happy.
I think he just was confused and scared about being in a new place and man started crying so bad that nursing didn't even soothe him.
Poor babe.
And kinda poor momma.
Because I was sweatin' and low key panicking while trying to comfort him.
Thank goodness I was with girls who didn't mind one bit and helped me out a ton.

This little guy has packed on the lb's the last month!
He's 19 weeks, 16.12 pounds and 26 inches long.
Healthy as a little horse and the cutest thing we've ever seen!

He seriously makes us so happy.
Zak and I just say it all day long.
Nothing can make our day brighter than his little smile, sweets laughs and wild squiggles!
He is so active you guys.
And the loudest little guy.
I swear he's going to be a crawler soon.

Hahah and his hair.
So much.
And very high maintenance. 
By the end of the day it has everything stuck in it and always needs a good shampooin.

We love you so much Liam-
you make our lives a dream come true!
I couldn't imagine our life without your silly, funny, sweet, kind little soul.

Have a lovely day!