Current situation: 
It's storming, our power keeps going out, Zak works till late tonight, Gilmore Girls is playing, I made pancakes and eggs for dinner, because it's rainy and that just seems appropriate for dinner and Liam and Rom are curled up next to me.
Not too shabby of a Saturday night.
Homey and cozy- we''re just missing Zakary!
Anywho, just wanted to share some photos from bath time the other night.

This babe loves the water.
I kick myself for ever buying a baby bath.
He loves when we just let him kinda wade there-
he kicks a ton and loves to listen to the facet.
It's so cute to watch him!

You guys, his facial expression just crack me up!
He's so giggly and happy.
How did we get so lucky?!

His double chin melts my heart.
I love my rolly poly babe!


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