mother's day part two.

Here's the second part of my Mother's Day post!
Sunday was full of bliss!
The San Marcos treated us to the nicest {and yummiest} Mother's Day breakfast that morning.
We indulged, to say the least.
The food was delicious and never ending!

They had the biggest dessert table, too!
With the cutest macaroons.

After breakfast we headed to the pool!
Can I just say that the weather was picture perfect.
I was worried it'd be too hot-
but nope it was cool and breezy and full of sunshine.

He seriously slept this entire trip lol.

The pool was totally empty so we snagged a cabana and made camp for a bit.

And Liam slept some more.
It was cool enough that he was fine outside, which was so nice!

^^ The weather!!

Not going to lie, this was the first time I wore a swim suit since having Liam and I was a little nervous!
And wasn't going to post these, but then thought screw those stupid thoughts.
I just had a baby, and no one's perfect.
I've been working hard at the gym, and eating well, but I still have about 12 more lbs till I reach my goal weight.
Regardless, our bodies are absolutely amazing and it's crazy that just two and a half months before this photo was taken he was in my belly!!
PS this top was super cheap from Forever 21 and perfect for nursing mamas. 

That is his sleepy hair just waking up face.
Gosh I love him!
It was the perfect first Mother's Day.
Full of relaxation, food, my boys and some pool time!
Thanks babe for everything, you're the best!


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