mother's day part one.

Hello hello!
Hope your Friday is going well!
Zak works kinda late tonight, but once he gets home we're planning on going for our first family swim session with Liam!
I can't wait.
I got him the cutest little swimmers to wear.
Gosh baby stuff is adorable.
Anywho, today I wanted to share our Mother's Day staycation with yah!

The flowers around the property were gorgeous!

We stayed at the San Marcos Resort in downtown Chandler.
It's a darling historic hotel in the heart of our hometown.
Everyone was so sweet!
And they even welcomed us with some goodies once we got all checked in. 

Mama and daddy were ready for a little r&r!
Could you tell we were just a tab bit excited to be there?!
And if you're wondering where our child was-
he slept the entire afternoon.

Once we got to our room, we changed and made our way back out the door to explore the area.
So much has changed in downtown Chandler!
We hadn't been back in a long time, and there's so much to do now.
Restaurants and shops galore. 

You guys, I couldn't get over the pink flowers.
They were everywhere!
Arizona really does have Spring!

I made Zak take a picture in our room. 
This doesn't looked forced right?

PS thanks San Marcos for the suite- it was the perfect size now that we have a baby in tow!

Later on we ate at Pittsburgh Willy's-
and man oh man if you're in the East Valley you have to go!

It's the cutest little ice cream parlor that serves the best breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And the owner is the SWEETEST!!
Love eating local.
We'll certainly be back.
Oh and they've been voted like the best hotdog and burger in Phoenix a few years in a row now, too!
Gotta check em out.

Wanna know a fun fact?
When Zak and I were in high school we came to the San Marcos for an event together-
it was just when we started dating way back when.
We were so young, but already head over heels for each other. 
Who would've thought the next time we'd be back we'd be married with a baby?!
Talk about full circle.

The grounds are stunning!
It's so luscious and green.
Doesn't even look like Arizona huh?!

Above baby asleep,
below baby awake. 

I love this photo! Even if it's blurry. 

Little chub!
After dinner and exploring we headed back to our room, had some play time and bedtime and then snuggled in bed and watched some Netflix.
There's just something about spending the night in a hotel that I kinda love so much.
Check out my next post for day two!


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