Happy Monday!
And happy May!
Holy cow.
It's already May?!
This month is going to fly by!
I just know it. 
We have a stay-cation for Mother's Day this weekend, we have a graduation the following and then the last two weeks we'll be moving to our fourth stinking apartment and after that we're headed to viva Las Vegas!
You know, cuz it's totally a place for babies right?!
Still, I cannot wait!

And speaking of Mother's Day..
I'm going to finally post Liam's birth story along with his newborn hospital photos this week!
I've been waiting a while to post them because it was such a special special day for me and I didn't want to post about it right away.
I wanted to savor and save that post for a special time-
and what better time than during Mother's Day?!

Anywho, so look out for those!
Hope you have a killer week!


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