liam's newborn photos.

Hi everyone!
I'm so so so excited to share Liam's newborn/hospital photos with you today!
These were taken the morning after he was born-
I still don't know how I managed to shower and get fully ready on only an hour or so of sleep just after having a baby...
I'm crazy I guess?!
Anywho, I'm really glad we decided to do a hospital newborn shoot.
I will cherish these photos forever.
Thank you again Sydney Aylesworth with Sydney Aylesworth Photography  for shooting these-
you're the bees knees!
And such a trooper!
She drove all the way back to the hospital early early early in the morning just after being there for our birth shoot the night before. 
She's truly the best and seriously the sweetest.
You can also check out his birth video, here.

Babies just change a ton so I wanted to capture the fresh from heaven Liam before he started to grow up!

I also wanted to document the first day as being new parents.
Yah know, trying to put a onesie on, changing his diaper-
all that fun foreign stuff we were just experiencing!

He was SO itty bitty!
I can't get over it.

There's like a million photos in this post..!
I couldn't pick my favorites.

Zak didn't let me change a single diaper that first week while he was home-
such a sweet hubby and daddy.

It's crazy how swollen I am in these photos-
I lucked out and never swelled while preggo, but after all the fluids during labor and delivery my shoes barely fit!
It was nuts.

I also love that you can still see my little bump in these photos. 
It's true what they say-
you still have a baby bump even after the baby is gone!
I took pictures immediately after he was born and it's so cool to see how your body changes afterwards, every things slowly moves back into place.

This was also the only time we ever really had him in beanies-
we wanted to see that head full of hair all the time!

And it wouldn't be a newborn shoot without some crying-
am I right?!

That little smile-
my heart!

There's that hair!

And those eyes!

His chubby little fingers were too cute.
Even with the claws that came with them-
PS if you're having a baby soon, go buy baby nail clippers.
They have nails like a kitten, long and sharp!

Sleep deprived and still in shock we had a baby!

Oh my goodness his pouty faces are my favorite!

Especially this one below.
He still does that face, and it cracks me up.
So cute. So serious. 

These next photos I swaddled him in technically a receiving blanket because I loved the stripes lol there's no way in heck I could swaddle him now in it.
So little!

His tootsies!

Goodness gracious he's the best.
Liam, you're our greatest adventure and we love you so!


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