liam's hospital photos.

Hi everybody!
First off can I talk about this picture above- I love how candid it is.
Us just soaking in our brand new slice of heaven.   
So today I wanted to share some photos that we took during our stay at the hospital when Liam was born.
We had a photographer there during the entire labor and delivery so you can check out those along with his birth story here and video here.
PS, they're all rated PG pics- not about the show the world any up close and personal stuff.
You're welcome.
But anywho, I can't rant and rave enough about our birth experience.
Literally the best day of our lives.
We prayed for a peaceful joyous day-
and we were ready to just go with the flow, since it's tough to predict how it's all going to go down, which I think made the day that much better.
It was calm, and relaxing and exciting and a lot of fun!
Watch, with the next baby my water's going to break in some Walmart grocery isle..
calling it now. 
Anywho, lets start from the beginning, shall we?
This is me in the admitting room.

We finally got the green light and were kinda in shock!
I remember we asked the nurse, "so it's really happening today?!"
and she responded, "yep, his birthday is going to February 15th!"
It was so surreal. 
It was also about 4:30 AM but we were still SO EXCITED!!

Here's a little video clip we made for him.
PS I was a tad bit tired if you couldn't tell with how shut my eye were lol..
I had been up for almost 24 hours at this point!
So worth it, though.

After being admitted we met our wonderful angel of a nurse April, and she took us into our room. 

Both of our moms were at the hospital with us, but when it came time for the delivery it was just Zak and I.

Liam came out with big blue eyes and a head FULL of hair.
Such a handsome little guy.

We were in total awe!
And just kept saying, "stop he's seriously the cutest thing ever," and "he's here, he's really here," along with, "we have a baby!" 

After his birth, Zak and I just hung out in the room alone and soaked in our little miracle.
It. was. amazing.
After that, we had our moms come and meet him for the first time and then my sister and nice and nephew joined in!

Our best friends were also there to meet little Liam!
And they brought BoSa Donuts to celebrate!
Woot woot.
After all the visitors came we were moved downstairs to the recovery room. 

We then gave him his first bath, took his footprints and got him all bundled up for his first night of sleep with us!

Zak also started to read to him, which was the sweetest thing ever.
He read to him all throughout my pregnancy so Liam would know his voice, and you could totally tell it soothed him.

We ended up staying three days and two nights at the hospital.
We had lots of people come visit and just soaked in that newborn awesomeness.

And took lots and lots and lots of naps before going home.

Oh my gosh he looks so tiny in his carseat!
He was a little champ, and did fine the whole way home.
Such a trooper!

When we got home the first thing we did was introduce Romie to his little brother.
We always talked to him about "baby" and let him sniff a blanket from the hospital, 
so when we got home..

It was a perfect little bond.
Romie was so so so excited and is just the best big brother.

Again these were just snip bits from my iPhone,
 but if you want to read his whole birth story, click here-
if you want to watch his birth video, click here-
or if you want to see his newborn/family photos click here.

Have a lovely rest of your day!


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