liam: week eleven.

How is my baby eleven weeks old already?!
So crazy.
He's currently napping after he slept a for eight hours straight last night.
Sorry, I'll stop using all caps.
I'm just a happy mom okay!?!
And getting sleep like this is kinda life saving.

This week we consisted of lots of play time!
He's getting so active, I LOVE it!

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Zak's been seriously a super dad.
Like always!
After working all day and then coming home to study, he always takes Liam and gives me "me time."
Little things like that mean so much!
And help a ton.
I think all parents need "me time" because if you're not properly taking care of yourself, how can you properly take care of a babe?!

You guys, I bought this nursing pillow and Romie thinks it's his new bed.
Kills me each time I find him lying in it.
Such a cute pup!

He's loving his bath time-
he's a little fish!

One time my best friend and I were at Spinato's eating lunch and they gave me this shirt for free!
It was literally the first piece of clothing I had for him..
and I can't believe he's wearing it now!
Nuts how fast time goes by!

11 weeks was filled with lots of activity!
He seriously plays all the time now.

I love those eyes.

He's so calm and will just sit in my lap and hangout for long periods of time.
Hahah even though his eyes look like he needs to escape..

I love these two so much!

Happy eleven weeks of life my love!


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