liam: week 12.

He's 12 weeks, holy moly.
About to turn three months on Sunday!

We went on a little stay-cation and the first vacation as a family last weekend!
I'll write more about it soon, but it was fun to get outta the house and go explore with Liam-
even though he slept the entire time lol.

He's growing so much you guys!
He loves to laugh and coo and giggle and smile and kick and play and talk and listen to whoever sing!
And he doesn't judge if you're a horrible singer either!
We're raising such a kind boy.
He's so active and entertains me all day!

I seriously love this age!
He's just so happy and lovey all the time.
He's also so easy when it comes to taking him places.
Other than the car ride- that can be a hit or miss..
he usually just falls asleep and just chills while I run errands.

Like at Trader Joes above lol.
Just creepin!

He also found his little fists recently and will suck away on them!
He also always has his little tongue sticking out, which I think is the cutest thing ever.

Since he was born, whenever people see him the first thing they say is, "his hair!"
"He has so much hair!"
And that he does!
In the pic below, you can see he's almost ready for a trim!
It's getting a little mullet-y in the back hahaha!

We always used the Solly Wrap when he was itty bitty and I recently started wearing it again around the house!
He looks so big in it now!

He's still such a cuddle bug and prefers napping on our chests!
Zak is the king of naps and can put this kid to sleep in seconds.
Everyday when Zak gets home he hangs out with Liam while I go to the gym for some much needed "momma time" and when I come back they're always napping.
It's too cute. 

A very formal family portrait below, sweats and all.
Hashtag real life.

I love you my 12-week old growing boy!

You make us the happiest!


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