liam dean's birth story.

Hello hello!
Today's the day I'm finally writing about Liam's birth!
All of my family and close friends know that it was a wonderful wonderful experience for me, and I've been wanting to save this post for a long time, since it's very special.
So what better time to share it than now-
on this three month birthday!
How was this three months ago?!
PS this is going to be like, the longest post ever.
I don't want to forget any details and I posted as many pictures as possible.
Liam was born on February 15th, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. 
PS all of these photos were taken by the amazing Sydney Aylesworth Photography!
Thank you for these priceless photos, Syd!
We love them and you so so much!

A couple weeks leading up to his birth my doctor told us he was most likely going to come early.
I was dilated a few inches and effaced 70% long before his due date,
and I remember my doctor saying, "I'm surprised you can still walk!?"
I also remember leaving that appointment with Zak and us being in panic mode!
My nesting was in FULL FORCE lol to get everything done in time.
As it got closer to Valentines Day I just had a feeling he was going to come at any time-
Zak had to work overnight at the hospital that weekend so I was trying to do as little as possible hoping my water wouldn't break lol.
I even refused to walk from the parking lot to the movie theatre because I was afraid of moving things along!
You can read all about that day here.

It's amazing how God times everything out.
The morning Zak got home {Valentines} we had the perfect day starting with a big romantic brunch.
We then finished Liam's room-
didn't procrastinate or anything.
 Took some bump pics, because I had a feeling that might be the last time I was preggo, and cuddled on the couch with ice cream and pizza for dinner.
It was seriously one of our best days.. and little did we know my water was going to break just a few hours later.
God gave us a truly special last day together before bringing our babe into the world.
Throughout my entire pregnancy I just prayed for a peaceful labor and delivery and this was the perfect start to just that-
a day with my love.
No errands, chores, to-do lists or people-
just us two.
You can read all about it here.

So anywho, while we were eating that pizza I only had literally a bite and I was full.
I remember telling Zak, "I'm ready to have this baby"
 I was so uncomfortably full and wobbling like a duck.
So Zak got to finish my wonderfully delicious pizza {I was so mad!} and we eventually tucked ourselves into bed for the night.
Well a couple hours later I woke up at 1:00 AM thinking my water broke.
It wasn't like in the movies where there's tons of water {TMI?!} so I wasn't too sure if this was it!?
I woke Zak up and he wasn't too sure either.
I was having cramps, but I had had cramps before, so again I was on the edge and wasn't sure if this was really it or not. 
The last thing we wanted to do was go to the hospital and it be a false alarm.
So we kinda just hung out for a little while and *tried* to count the, what now I know were contractions. 
Um PS they're not like perfectly timed cramps.. they're more like waves {for me at least} so timing them was not happening.
However, they were getting stronger and stronger.
So at this point it's about 1:30 AM and we're still lingering just to see if they get worse and worse.
So I jumped in the shower and started getting ready...
because I couldn't just sit still and hot water feels amazing on preggo tummies.
I remember Zak being like, just let me know when you get one-
so I'd holler out whenever one would happen and I look over and him and Romie are sprawled out on the bed asleep.
Typical Zak, falls asleep in 2.8 seconds.
Anywhere, at any time!
So I just went about getting ready, yah know at like 2:30 in the morning.
So normal. 
A few would stop me in my tracks, but I still just continued doing my thang, just cleaning up.
Remember, nesting.
Zak woke up and realized my "cramps" were hurting worse and decided we should probably make a game plan. 
So he jumped in the shower, grabbed some coffee and we counted them out a little longer.
Around 3:30 he noticed I was a more in pain and decided we should head to the hospital-
where I was still not fully convinced for whatever reason?
We called our moms to give them a heads up and then Zak got the car all loaded up. 
He came back to grab me, as I was oh yah know just washing some flower vase out and hiding any TV cords I saw, because heaven forbid the baby might notice a vase not put away.
I clean when I'm nervous okay!?
Zak was like "what are you doing?!!? We need to leave now!!"
He finally got me out the door and we headed to the hospital. 
And gave a big "goodbye" to Romie!
We called my dad on the way to give him a heads up as well lol and I don't think he ever went back to bed after that phone call.
All of our parents were on the edge of their seats waiting for the green light.
So as we get to the hospital Zak missed the maternity ward entrance lol and we had to drive around and circle back lol as I was just casually in labor. 
Hahaha I love him so much.
Once we got to the right place the door was locked since it was after hours and thankfully his badge worked and got us in.
He went and parked the car in a better spot and I waited inside.
I went to use the bathroom and when I got out Zak was pacing the hallway lol because he couldn't find me.

Our mamas cheering us on! And bringing us food. :)

Love this man so much. 
Once we got up to the maternity floor and settled we were checked-in {mommas-to-be make sure and register early, it makes checking-in like two minutes} and we were taken back to see if I was in labor or not.
The nurses did a few tests..
we were so nervous that it might not be the right time..
but then she came back and was like, "yep you're in labor!"
We. were. so. excited.
We kept asking, "So like this is really it?!"
We couldn't believe it!

I miss my belly!

After that we were taken to our room and introduced to our angel of a nurse April.
She seriously was the best!
We lucked out because we got admitted right around shift change, so she was going to be with us the entire time.
We never had a specific "birth plan," since it's kinda hard to really plan out births-
you never know what's going to happen!
All we knew was that we wanted a peaceful and happy environment. 
No craziness allowed.
And if that meant an epidural, a C-section or a non medicated birth- so be it.
We fully trusted the staff-
and my OB and nurses were totally fine with whatever I wanted to do.
The pain wasn't bad at all at this point, so I was fine laboring sans meds.
At this point I was a 5 and 70% effaced, so we started with walking the halls to get my body moving. 
Our mom's both arrived shortly after we were admitted and took turns walking with me. 
My mom and mother-in-law are awesome and brought me my favorite foods to eat before and after.
I got to indulge a big fat acai bowl that morning {something I craved a bunch} and then didn't really eat the remainder of the day.

Oh yeah I also made a million of these to hand out to staff- they loved them!

We walked the halls for a while, slowly progressing.
Then I'd go back to my room, FaceTime my dad and we'd all hangout for a little.
April my nurse was super helpful and let me take a nice warm shower while laboring.
It. was. amazing.
The warm water acts like a massage and feels so good!
At this point it was around noon-ish and the contractions were getting stronger, but I was hanging in there and still fine without any meds.
I'd been laboring for 13 hours and I was at about 6 cm. 
We switched things up and I started bouncing on a yoga ball, which helped dull the pain.
I was more tired than anything because I only had about 3 hours of sleep so I tried to rest as much as possible. 
Buttt I was a little too excited haha so sleeping never happened.
The pain honestly was not that bad at this point.
I mean, I heard other ladies screaming.........!
And knew I wasn't at the super hard part yet.
I was surprised that I was taking it well and just going with the flow!
It was just a nice serene experience.
Everyone at the hospital was so sweet, our moms were over-the-moon excited, I was texting and calling friends and family, Zak was by my side cheering me on the whole time and we were just hanging out waiting for Liam to come!
I kept telling the nurses, "I want to be pregnant again!"
I seriously wish I could have all my babies there-
best experience ever.
I'm calling it that next time my water's going to break in Walmart or something and be nothing like this birthing experience lol.

Just chatting away.

I prayed and prayed for Liam to have a peaceful and healthy delivery, and it was just that.
At about 3:00 PM I was at an 8 and the contractions were painful and constant.
My nurses were like, "you're so close, you could totally do it without an epidural if you want?!"
And I considered it...
but I was getting so tired from now being up so long, and I was ready to relax!
So I went with the epidural.
And man oh man am I happy I did!
I was mostly nervous for the shot {I've heard that hurt like crap} but figured it's either a one time shot or continuous contractions-
shot it is!
The team who came in and did it was awesome, it only took like ten minutes.
The doctor even said and I specifically remember his words, "this is going to hurt like the dickens!"
And I'm glad he talked it up, because it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would.
The part that hurt was bending over during a contraction lol.
I laughed when they told me to hunch over like a cat..
yep a cat that ate a basketball!
Anywho, once that was over I felt heavenly.
It was warm and cozy and I could only feel pressure.
I then continued to labor with a peanut yoga ball while lying down.
I swear they have all kinds of labor contraptions you can use!
I was just like, "sure I'll try that thing, why not?!"

That's April!
Then my nurse came and checked on me and I was starting to really progress.
I remember her checking and being like, "oh yeah he totally has hair!"
And then the rest of my water broke and things started to really move.
Then she said she could see his hair!!!
It was baby time!
The nurse let my doctor know and they started prepping us for the delivery.
Our mom's left the room and it was just Zak, our photographer Sydney, the medical team and myself.
Which PS I totally recommend not having a crowded room-
It was so nice and intimate with just Zak and I. 
So so special.
Zak was right by my side a coached me the entire way.

Funny story-
While I was full-fledged pushing there was a knock on the door and someone walked in and was like,
"food service is here!"
Like, no. 
We do not need food right now.
Everyone kinda yelled and whoever that was got a crazy show and left the room ASAP.
Poor person. 

I continued pushing really really really hard for about 20 minutes and waalaa..
at 6:10 PM Willam Dean Hambsch was here!
All seven pounds seven ounces and 19 inches of him!

Another cool story-
I pulled him out!!
Yep as soon as he was coming the doctor let me reach down, grab him and plop him on my chest.
It. Was. Surreal.
I have pictures of the whole thing but figured I'd spare yah the details and just write it out instead.
Zak and I were both just like, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"
He had a head FULL of dark hair and bright blue eyes that were looking right at us!
He instantly lifted his head when he heard our voices and it was the sweetest thing in the entire world.
He stayed skin to skin on my chest while the nurses checked to make sure he was healthy.
It was the best feeling in the world.
Zak and I could't believe it!
"Baby" as we called him throughout my pregnancy was finally here!

He was healthy as could be and we were {and still are} so grateful God gave us this sweet little babe.
He was technically a week and one day early, but everything looked perfect.
As the medical team cleaned up my doctor told me that I had a 50% uterus abruption, which could have led to an emergency c-section and could have been really dangerous for both Liam and myself.
I've never prayed more than after she told us that.
I am forever grateful for her and the team and that everything went smoothly and safely.

After we did skin to skin Zak took him over to get weighed and put a little diaper and beanie on him.
Seeing Zak hold his son for the first time was indescribable
He's such an amazing dad.
He quickly brought Liam back over and he latched right away and started nursing.
It's incredible how babies just know what to do.
He was like scooting to my chest, it's just such a miracle how this all happens. 
He didn't have any trouble nursing- this child will latch onto anything in sight!
Still to this day his favorite thing to do is eat, eat and eat some more.
While we nursed everyone left the room and it was just us three for some time.
Just soaking it all in. 
It was pretty awesome.
We were so in awe and so deeply in love.
He was the cutest thing we'd ever seen.

We let our moms come in and meet their grandson for the first time!
It's really neat to see your parents love your child.
At this point it was close to 8:00 PM and the epidural was worn off so I was able to walk around a bit-
the nurses were so surprised!
I was ready to walk to our new room but they insisted I be wheeled down lol.
I feel so awkward having someone push me!
But before that happened, we had my sister niece and nephew come meet Liam.
It was adorable to see them with him. 
Liam had presents for them, and they had a sweet gift in return.
SO cute.
He loves his cousins so much.

Then my best friend Charlcie, her husband and Zak's best friend Eddie came to say hi!
And did I mention Charlcie brought BoSa donuts to celebrate-
After not eating all day and night they tasted like the best donuts we've ever had.
We all hangout for a while and then they moved us to our new room.
It was close to midnight and we were exhausted.
And starving.
And thankfully my mother-in-law brought me my favorite salad I wolfed that down while the nurse got everything ready for his first bath.
Zak and I were still like ummm he's so tiny, how do we hold him, how do we change him, how to do we swaddle him hahah all the new parent stuff so the nurse helped bath him and then she gave him a little mohawk lol.
It was cute. 
And by this time were walking zombies so we laid down and got some sleep with our new little baby right next to us.

If you want to see more, just click here to read about the rest of our hospital stay and bringing him home.
We can't say enough good things about the medical staff at St. Joes-
It was the best experience ever.
They helped make this the best day of our lives.
Everything was smooth and happy and peaceful and calm.
Thank you Lord for blessing us with Liam, he's a dream come true and our own piece of heaven.
We're forever grateful for our happy healthy baby boy.

We also have a birth video that brings me to tears each time I watch it!
You can check it out here if you want. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this novel of a post-
it's my favorite one ever.
And means the world to me.
Thanks for tagging along on our adventure!
Have the best night!


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  1. This is wonderful! The pictures are gorgeous. I wish I had written down all my birth stories. They all seem like such a blur now. Congratulations and enjoy every minute! They grow up way too fast.