five things on my mind.

Photo cred: Pinterest
Five things on my mind-
ready, set go!

1. I want to go to this place above! 
Like, real bad. 
Now that Liam's a little bigger and we can take him out more I've just been dying to go on adventures. Zak and I think it'd be so cool to live abroad one day. And fingers crossed, with us being a Navy family we'll get the chance! PS I just loved these Italy pics so I used them all throughout this post-
just go with it. 

2. My new favorite guilt free treat is a frozen banana tossed in PB2 chocolate- you guys!
It's so dang good.
And the chocolate peanut butter is only like 45 calories.
It's the perfect bedtime snack when you have that sweet tooth. 

Photo cred: Pinterest

3. I've been watching Dateline on the NBC app- yeah I like old people shows..
but let me tell you.. those episodes are insane!
They're based off of real crimes and holy cow there are some psychos out there.
Anywho, if you have any good show recs, let me know!

4. I bought a little backpack as a purse/diaper bag and kinda love it!
I might feel like I'm going to school, but being hands free is amazing!
And it forces me not to pack the entire house before I go anywhere lol.

5. I recently wore a two piece swimsuit in public for the first time since having Liam!
Yikes spikes!
But in all honesty it wasn't too bad. 
And I'm starting to see results using the BBG program. 
Yet, I still have a long ways to go.
I'm really trying to stay body positive and embrace my after babe bod-
because it's true after you have a baby your body is never the same.. 
It's better!
It's stronger!
And it's miraculous to see what our bodies can do.
Maybe I'll post my before and afters on here... haha maybe.

Anywho, have an awesome day!
Thanks for reading my random post!


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