first family photos.

Happy Friday!!
Aren't you excited for the weekend?!
I know I am.
We get the keys to our new condo today, and we're moving in tomorrow.
Woot woot!
Hahaha jokes kinda on us though.. we're going to be living on the third floor..
so moving in is going to be funnnnnn!
Especially when it's supposed to be 90 degrees out-
but it'll be worth it.
And we can't wait!
I love our little downtown one bedroom apartment, but it's time for a little bigger space closer to family!
Anywho, today I wanted to share our family photos that we took when Liam was just three-weeks-old.
Can you believe it?!
He's so big now!
He's right next to me kicking and playing and giggling away!
It's crazy how quickly babies change.
And so cool to see them grow and learn.
I love this age.

We took these photos around downtown Mesa.
 It was just when all the flowers were in bloom- 
the gardens were so pretty!
And I'm so glad we went ahead and took family photos when he was this little.
They change so much, and I don't want to forget what he looked like in the very beginning.
Sydney Aylesworth took these, she's the best!

Below is one of my favorite photos I've ever taken.
I love being his mama so dang much it hurts.

I couldn't do this parenting gig without Zak, he's the best teammate I could've ever asked for. 

My tiny baby!!
I love you so!

How was he three-weeks-old with that much hair?!
Like, he could've easily had a haircut back then. 

Wasn't that tree just the prettiest?!
I never though Arizona had a pretty "spring" but man was I wrong.
The purple flowers were gorgeous!

These are my people!

My boys!
Just missing Romie.

Goodness gracious I love these photos.
They make me so happy.
Even though I was sleep deprived, physically in pain and still recovering it was such a sweet time to look back on.
When we were fresh new parents with a fresh new babe trying to figure out what the heck to do.
I'll never forget those first few weeks.
Learning how to be mommy and daddy.
Such good memories.

Thanks again Sydney for snapping these!


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