unicorns, castles and a full moon.

Last weekend was one for the books.
Zak kinda surprised me and got off super duper early Friday after taking a big test, so he had a three day weekend sans studying.
We. were. pumped!
He got home and we were still in bed lol.. we sleep in till like 9:30 each morning-
don't judge.
And so I quickly jumped in the shower and got ready for the day-
while getting ready I just had an urge to get outs the house and thought, we should head up to Sedona!
I told Zak my idea, he was down and in about an hour we were out the door and headed north!
We packed in like two seconds, brought Romie with us and said we'd just figure out where we were headed once we were in the car.

As we were driving up, Zak saw a sign for Montezuma Castle and we decided to veer off and see what it was all about.
We love being able to explore like this-
not have an itinerary or time frame, just go with the flow. 
I'm usually such a planner, but I've quickly learned with kiddos you just have to "let the cookie crumble," like Zak says and roll with the punches.
Trust me, it's way more relaxing that way!
Blow out, no problemo.
Crying in the car, just pull over.
Needs to eat on the go, grab some frozen breast milk and waalaa you're set. 
Simple and easy- best way to travel with babies.

The castle was super cool.
It was a castle of sorts built into the side of a canyon by a Native American tribe hundreds of years ago.
It was incredible to see something built in the 1300's!
Not to mention it was perfectly sunny and 75 degrees out, which made the scenery even prettier.
Afterwards we got back in the car and headed to see the beautiful red rocks!
This was Zak's first time to Sedona, and I was super excited for the drive up-
it looks nothing like typical AZ.
The mountains are so unique!
We were both in awe. 

Our first stop was food.
We grabbed something quick since the sun would be setting in a few hours and we wanted to get a little hike in before it got dark.
Liam was such a trooper and slept the entire drive, throughout the castle tour and just woke up once we got to Bell Rock.

We took the stroller down a not-so-stroller-friendly path and explored around. 
We learned that next time we'll bring a carrier with us!
The mountains and surrounding brush/forest-y area was so pretty!
Especially as the sunset.

This was the best pic we could get with all of us lol we were kinda struggling at this point!

Once we got back to the car I had to feed Liam so we hung out for like thirty minutes or so while I nursed.
Well once we tried to start the car to head home..
the battery was dead.
It was about 7:00 PM, the parking lot was empty and it was getting super dark.
Thankfully we have AAA so we had to just hang tight for a little while until someone could come help us out.
But of course we're at a trail head, zero lights. with a dog and a baby-
hahah our trips always have a crazy twist to them!
But this isn't even the crazy part unfortunately..
so while we're sitting there, in the pitch black I decide to grab our little emergency backpack in the trunk.
Well this backpack has bungie cords on the front of it and one of them got stuck on the stroller-
so when I put the backpack in my lap it was stretching over the entire back seat and when I went to untangle it it snapped back and hit me right in the eye!
Like, eye wide open and everything.
I was screaming crying.
Zak has never ever ever heard me cry like that- 
I don't think I've ever heard myself cry like that.
Thankfully thankfull thankfully I could see out of it and it's just been super red and a little bruised.
It could have been way way wayyyyyy worse.
So much so that thinking about it just gives me a pit in my stomach. 
Thank you Lord for not letting me be seriously hurt!!!!
But hang on.. the craziness doesn't end there...!
So while I'm crying, thinking I'm blind a truck pulls up and a few people get out.
It's again pitch black at a trail head parking lot and they start taking pictures. 
I don't think anything of it-
but Zak's kinda keeping an eye on them.
They then run off and I guess go night hiking?
Since it was a full moon?
I dunno.
So the AAA comes and jumps our car and as we leave the parking lot Zak tells me that each time the flash from those peoples camera went off he could just see them in masks!
Like horse/unicorn looking masks. 
Hahahah that would happen to us!
Dang you full moon for bringing out all the crazies!
He didn't want to tell me while we were sitting there because he knew I'd be freaked out.
So anywho, after a broken down car, almost losing an eye and some weirdos in masks we laughed hysterically and made our way back home! 

The rest of the weekend was full of chores, parents night out and lots of blogging.
I hope your weekend was a good one-
and less weird than ours!


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