travels, visitors and being a mamma.

Look at that face.
Melts my heart every time!
He's sleeping now so I thought I'd pop in and say hi!
You guys, I went to the PRETTIEST wedding last weekend and I CANNOT wait to blog all about it.
I'm planning on doing so tonight-
so watch out for that post.
Anywho, life's been going good!
I'm really just focusing on our little family, getting back in shape and bloggin.
Haha seems so simple.
But that first part, also means trying to figure out how to be a mom!
And that second part is not so simple,
Well it's not really funny...
It's hard.

I'm slowly learning the tricks of the trade-
how to multitask, how to pump and feed, how to slow down, how to prioritize..
and the list goes on and on!
I've tried to really simplify life, which has made everything much easier.
I hate the feeling of being pulled in a million different directions, and especially right now I just want to soak in all the baby moments and not miss a beat.
Being able to stay at home with him is truly priceless.

I also want to find happiness outside of motherhood, and that is where working out and blogging come into hand.
Those are my "me times" and Zak does an awesome job of taking over so I can have those little outlets each day.
Once I get my feet underneath me a little better I'll be able to add more to my plate, but for now that's kinda it-
and I'm so so so okay with that.
Hmm what else what else.
Oh just that my baby's NINE weeks old!
What. The. Heck.

And we just got approved for a new condo!
Woot woot.
No headaches trying to find a new place to live, which was such a blessing.
This will be our fourth move in three years!
We're super excited for this place though, it's much bigger and closer to our families-
win win.
My dad's back in town, and it's been so sweet seeing him with Liam.
I wished we lived closer so he could hangout with him more often, so these times mean a lot to me.
He's growing so fast and I don't want anyone to miss it!

My mom also swung by today to see Liam-
I love how much our parents love him.
It's the coolest thing to see.

We also took him to visit his great grandma on Sunday it and was so cute to see her hold him.
He's getting SO BIG!

The next couple months might be a little crazy- we have lots of traveling planned, but I'm pumped for this summer.
Last summer was a dozy!
So it's really really nice being able to look forward to this one and know it's full of adventures!
We'll be moving, going to Vegas, visiting Utah,  staying in LA a few days, making a trip to Virginia and hopefully DC and then we'll be living in San Diego this fall for about a month!
Zak's fourth year {how is he already in his fourth year guys?!} is kinda confusing and he pretty much travels a bunch, so we're going to tag along as much as we can!
We really really really want to get Liam used to traveling early on and can't wait to show him different places and cultures.
I feel like this post if super random lol so sorry if it seems like that to you!
Kinda just writing what's on my brain and quickly checkin in!

PS Romie says hi!
He's still my number one baby!
And my number one cuddle bug.

I hope your week is going well!


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