sunset dinner.

So this sunset dinner wasn't on the beach,
it wasn't at a fancy restaurant and it certainly wasn't fancy food-
but it was still romantic.
And super sweet.
I had been in a bit of a funk-
not wanting to do much and not in the greatest mood. 
Yah know when you have those days you just feel like blah.
Well Zak's good at turning that around for me.
He knew I needed to just get out of the house-
so he loaded Liam up and we headed up to South Mountain.
I literally went with bed head and wore a high school t-shirt...
that was the kinda mood I was in lol... was sure as heck not getting ready.

We grabbed Chipotle on the way {real fancy} and got there right in time to watch the sunset over the city.
It was so pretty!
And so simple!
And just what I needed.
A little family date night.
Thanks for making me feel better babe!


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