parents night out.

Guess what?!
Zak and I went on our first solo date since becoming parents.
Can you believe it?!
Yah know, after like two months we finally figured Liam would be okay with someone else.
Haha even though we were only gone for about an hour and a half and went to a restaurant literally 5 minutes down the street.
But we did it!

And we decided from now on Saturday nights are going to be our nights together sans baby.
With being new parents it's so important that we make "us" a priority and don't forget to spend one on one time together because it can be so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and not take time for ourselves.
So anywho, that's our new plan!
Saturday night = date night!
Woot woot.
We went to a yummy place called Windsor-

They have an amazing veggie burger I love and the sweet potato fries are delish.
Afterwards we shared a banana split next door at the cutest little ice cream parlor, Churn.

We love to eat banana splits for special occasions, and us leaving Liam for the first time certainly counted as one!
See the first yummy picture as evidence.
It was gone in 60 seconds!

It was a really really nice night.
Zak just makes me the happiest.
We've been talking about our future, moving out of state and the new chapter that's going to happen-
and even though a lot, and I mean a lot, is unknown our life together and the plans we have make me so stinkin excited.
Life with him is the best.

Anywho, thanks grandma Julie for babysitting!
Liam loves his time with you!
This weekend our date is a wedding that I'm in, and I cannot wait!!
I seriously love love.
And watching someone you care about find their soulmate is like the coolest thing ever.
So I'll post about it next week!
It's sure to be a picture perfect affair.
Just trying to sneak in some posts while the babe sleeps.
Have a great day!


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