liam: week two.

So I wanted to share photos of Liam from way back when he was just a mere two weeks old.
Time is cruising!

And I know, I'm very behind when it comes to his weekly updates.
Lately Zak and I just keep saying, "he's getting so big!" 
And with the photos I'm about to post, he seems HUGE now!
I can't wait to see how much he weighs, I'm thinking almost 11 lbs-
he's starting to get rolls and has a mighty fine double chin.
It's the cutest thing in the world.
Anywho, back to week two.
We had our annual Oscar's watch party and were so excited to have Liam join in on our tradition!
We did it last year, see that post here-
PS I can't get over how long Zak's hair was in that post!
Like, I'm kinda dying.
 We loved having the previous party and decided it's going to be a yearly thing since we're slightly obsessed with movies.

We ordered some take out Pita Jungle,
had to introduce Liam to mommas favorite restaurant,
and popped a bunch of popcorn to munch on.

We make guesses as to who is going to win each category, which makes watching the award show that much better.
Zak won... but not by much!
There were so many great movies-
Room, The Revenant, Spotlight and Mad Max just to name a few!
We were thrilled Leo finally won best actor, Brie Larson won best actress for Room and Spotlight took best picture!
All such good ones.

Liam and daddy got lots of nap time together!
Zak was still off at this point so they made sure to get in as many cuddles as possible.

That second week was probably the hardest week for me.
Breastfeeding hurt SO BAD.
Like, bleeding nipples bad.
Sorry if thats too much info, but hey it's the truth.
Mix that pain, with like, zero sleep and it's a recipe for a real tough time.
I don't know what I would've done without Zakary.
He would make runs to the store whenever I needed anything, would get up all throughout the night with Liam, he made sure I was as comfortable as possible, he'd make sure I napped during the day and pretty much took care of both Liam and myself while I was recovering.
Which, recovery by the way was like way way way more painful than labor.
Like give me contractions all day long, over the postpartum mess.
But it passes, and it gets much easier, like everyone says it does!
Plus, you have like the cutest little babe by your side so they make it all worth it:)
Sorry if that seemed like a rant, it's not, it was just the reality of week two haha!

That week we also had to get some shots.
Seriously the worst thing ever to watch!
But, Liam took it like a champ and didn't cry-
even though Zak and I were about to!

Look at that wittle foot!

Zak had to take a HUGE surgery test that week, so inbetween study sessions we'd all cuddle up on the couch and pretty much just stare at our little monster.

I love combing his hair every night-
he almost has more than me!
And this photo cracks me up.
What a little man!

During this time Liam was on a two hour nap and one our feed schedule, like around the clock.
So these photos below we snapped oh around 1:00 AM when mister mister was wide awake and ready to eat!
PS, if you know Liam well, you know he eats ALL THE TIME.
He is surely Zak's child.

I remember when we first brought him home and I'd be nursing him and I'd just stare at the wall because I didn't know if watching a show or being on my phone would disturb him..
oh to be a new parent!
Once I realized, no that would not distract him, and yes you need something to do while nursing at 3 in the morning because you will get drowsy and nod off, I found some great Netflix shows to keep me company throughout the day and night.
So any new moms/preggos out there reading this- save some great shows for when your little is brand new, because that's about the only thing you can do when nursing all the time.
PS please ignore my same old purple shirt I'm wearing in like, all these photos.
It's the best nursing shirt, super soft and really long.
I wore it while preggo and I'm still wearing it now.

 Liam also learned to love his crib this week.
He would sleep like a champ!
I was the one having separation anxiety and would want to keep him in the bed with us.
Yeah I know, I'm clingy.

I can't get over his little leg popping out.
Gosh he's just the cutest.

To sum up week two would be: long nights, endless cuddles, many of visitors, lots of pain, trips to the doctors office and some more cuddles.
We didn't get out of the house too much, but just savored our time together at home.
Snuggled up watching movies and taking our new life real easy!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of him and I.
This is what I do all day long-
stare, stare and stare a little harder.

Zak reads to Liam Every. Single. Night.
It's kinda the sweetest thing ever.
I love how Zak loves to read and learn new things and I hope those traits will be passed down to Liam!

Hash tag new dad.
We both could just pass out at any chance we got.
We kinda were zombie parents at this point.

And we ended the week celebrating two weeks of life with our little dude.
We had sweet friends drop off the yummiest dinner from Trader Joe's so we made it a family date night and had a picnic on the living room floor.
I seriously live for nights like that.

I thank the Lord each and every day for Liam.
Zak and I are obsessed with parenthood and just love him so much it hurts.
It feels like we won the jackpot, and we pinch ourselves that this is our new chapter in life,
it's really the best.


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