liam: week three.

Happy Monday!
Just doing a little back-tracking.
I'm determined to post about his first weeks at home.
Those days were the hardest yet sweetest times.
And I don't want to forget any of it!
So get ready for a bunch of random kinda blurry iPhone pics because when it's 2:00 AM and you're dead tired, nursing, still super sore-
and then your infant coos and snuggles right up to you,
it's the best feeling in the world and you have to like snap, a thousand photos to not forget that wonderful moment.

For his third week, my dad came over and made us a yummy dinner and we celebrated his three weeks with some ice cream and cheesecake!
I love having my pop around.


He had to get a little procedure done this week and I remember it was my first time taking him solo to the doctors.
I was super nervous, but he was a rockstar and did really really well.
And hey!
We were even like five minutes early to our appointment!
Woot woot.

This was also the week we took some more family photos.
I just wanted to really capture his newborn time on film.
Our first few weeks as parents.
They came out amazing and I'm so so glad we did them!

I'll post all of them soon, promise!
We still had lots of cuddle sessions-
and Zak started his family medicine rotation.
Thankfully it was an awesome schedule so it wasn't a hard transition from having him home all the time, to not at all.
He came home for lunch each day and would help me out.
He's a super dad I tell yah!
He'd take Romie for a Walk, clean up, hold Liam so I could shower and pretty much everything else except for eating lunch because again he's a super dad and just wanted to come and help with any extra time he had.

PS I love his pouty little lips.
So cute.

During this time he was on a schedule of eating about every two hours.
He'd nap for two hours and eat for one, all day and night!
This is also when I was still really really really tired so I too would nap when he would.
I'm not a big nap person because I'd rather do other things with that time, so it was a learning curve for me.
 I would just have to force myself to lay down and rest.
It's nuts how much your body goes through not only for nine months, but for after birth as well.
And the biggest thing I learned it just to listen to my body, especially when I needed to rest.

They're twins I tell ya!

We gave him the pacifier for the first time during this week.
He's not a huge fan of it even now, but it does come in handy during long car rides and when I can't quite nurse him right away.
It's funny because I initially bought a fancy one before he was born and he hated it lol
and of course likes the free one from the hospital.

Daddy stopping by during his lunch break!

I love how tiny he still looked in his carseat.
He was itty bitty!

You can really see how small he was here!
My mom put him next to this bunny and we thought it was so funny.
He was cool with it for about 2.5 seconds and then started crying.
He's such a trooper.

Soaking in more baby momma time.
Love love love it.

Haha below are attempts at taking pictures with him.
Total fails haha.

We love you Liam!


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