liam: week six and seven.

Love my boys!
So these two weeks kinda merged together.
We had a death in the family so Liam and I took off for our first solo road trip.
It was only two hours, but I was still nervous to drive with him alone for that long.
Thankfully he fell asleep once we got on the road, and I only stopped once to check on him.
He's such a good little babe.

Being outta town I nursed in some pretty funky places lol..
a funeral home.
My mom and I were searching for a room to nurse in while the funeral was going on and we literally opened the door with all the caskets in it....
died a little bit and then finally found a private area.
It was interesting to say the least!

Anywho, it was nice to be around all our family minus the circumstances.
Liam got to meet some more cousins!

And another great grandma!

And we he got to stay in his first hotel ever and have fancy breakfast in bed.

We sure did miss daddy though!
One night it was just us two in the room the whole evening so we ordered room service, watched some great shows {we don't have cable at home so that was a mako treat} and took a long relaxing bath in the fancy tub.
It was such a sweet night.
So sweet in fact for Mother's Day I just wanted to stay the night in a hotel again!
Anywho, this was also around Easter weekend.

I decorated our table, we dyed Easter eggs and had a yummy take out dinner-
yes take-out on Easter because we were too pooped to cook after traveling.
Next year though, next year I'll cook a real Easter dinner,
I promise!
Our house was full of fresh blooms that week-
Trader Joes just has the cutest bunches of flowers that I can never resist.

I was also gifted this cute diary from a friend and started journaling little things about Liam.
It's really special to me!
A great gift for any momma out there.

Click below to read more!

His big blue eyes just melt me!
I love looking at them.

We started incorporating tummy time into his bedtime routine-
he liked it so much he fell asleep lol.

And then one time he had a friend join him.

They became good buds after that.

These weeks were also filled with lots of nursing and napping.
Nursing and napping.
He's a growing boy!

So much so that he started to grow out of his newborn clothes and diapers!
Zak and I were kinda in denial..
so we put him in all the outfits {including the crazy ones} and did a little fashion show because we didn't want to miss him wearing any of his tiny clothes.
We're obviously a tad emotional.

That little smirk kills me!

He started to get a few more rolls and this was the time we realized how much he was growing!
We kept saying, "he's getting so big!"

His faces in all of these photos {below and above} make me laugh so hard!
We put him in these fancy collared nightgowns and he gave us a look like, "really?"
All of his facial expressions just crack me up.

 This is when he also started to kick and coo a bunch!
It was a blast to see him get so active!
It's crazy how fast they change.

I love those little fox feet!

He goes nuts in the Mammaroo and kicks like crazy!

That's a wrap on week six and seven!
I'm slowly catching up!


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